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Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before After

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Beside her makeup, Frances Bean Cobain has one other thing that makes people to discussing about her appearance. It’s plastic surgery. You may have known it, Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery is widely reported in forums and sites. There’s no clear statement from her related to plastic surgery. But dramatic, significant changes on some parts of her face and body make her plastic surgery issue possible.

As many believe, Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery has been performed at least on her lips, nose, chin and boobs. What happened to those parts? Well, let’s examine Bean Cobain Before and After plastic surgery pictures to see plastic surgeon work. Her lips are where she is highly believed to have had lips augmentation.

Frances Bean Cobain is rumored to have injected her lips with filler. We all can see that she had thinner lips in the Before picture. Those thin lips then changed, those are fuller and bigger. Do you see she appears sexier after the alleged lips injection?

If Frances Bean Cobain decided to add volume on her lips, she did the opposite to her chin and cheek. Chin and cheek are parts where Frances is linked with chin and cheek surgery. As you can tell from her Before and After picture, she may have  undergone surgery to reduce size of those parts.

Frances had puffier cheek and wider jawline before the alleged reduction. And thanks to the plastic surgery she now has better chin and cheek. Do you agree? Well, some would think that weight loss could be reason behind her face contour change. However, plastic surgery is not a strange thing for Frances Bean Cobain. Her mother, Courtney Love is having it, too.

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Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Picture

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Beside works on her lips, cheek, and chin, rumors also suggest chance of nose job on Frances Bean. But unlike previous procedures, work on her nose is rather hard to prove. We may not see significant difference on her nose. It would hard to say even minor nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) there. What do you think?

Another hard-to-prove procedure is boob job. Many say that beside plastic surgery on her face, Frances Bean Cobain is also having it on her body, specifically her boobs. Breast implants is what she allegedly has. But repeating previous words, she might not have it, or she might not have it anymore.


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