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Gemma Atkinson Plastic Surgery, Before After Boob Job Pictures

Gemma Atkinson Plastic Surgery

Gemma Atkinson Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before After Picture

Many other celebrities don’t admit plastic surgeon’s intervention  even though result of it is clear. Gemma Atkinson made an exception. She is open enough about plastic surgery. Thanks to her honesty we don’t need to speculate about procedure she has taken. Well, as you might have guessed, Gemma Atkinson plastic surgery is all about boob job.

Gemma Atkinson is known for her big, full boobs – her asset that makes her appears undoubtedly sexier. Many may curious about her breasts, are those real, or fake?

If you think that her breasts are too good coming from her own gene you are right. And Atkinson hid nothing. As quoted from, she admitted that she has got boob job.

“I had breast enlargement surgery when I was younger, which I’m happy with.”

Considering the boob job result we may understand why she is happy with it. As the before-after picture shows, she looks far sexier with her new boobs. Her flat chest has been changed into a fuller, crowded one. And we all are happy with that, too.

Gemma Atkinson Boob Job

Gemma Atkinson Boob Job Photo

However, Gemma Atkinson plastic surgery seems to be stopped by her good boob job. Actress who played Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks series told that she didn’t have any plastic surgery on her face. You may or may not believe her, but according to her there’s at least no injection performed on her face.

“I am not keen on doing anything to my face. I don’t like the idea of Botox, or fillers or anything like that.”

Well, it is happy hearing that Gemma Atkinson’s face is plastic surgery-free because many female celebrities are just getting with worse with overdone procedures on their faces.

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