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Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery

Gloria Vanderbilt is an example of old celebrity with plastic surgery. The result of Gloria Vanderbilt plastic surgery is attracting many people to discuss. She is old enough but her face just doesn’t show her age. Gloria Vanderbilt was born on February 20, 1924. She is 91 years old.

Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery

Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

As Gloria Vanderbilt Before and After plastic surgery picture shows us, her appearance is far younger than she should. Her face doesn’t show wrinkles, frown and crow’s feet. She is nearly a century, but what we see is a flawless face of her. It seems that she has stopped aging since about 40 years ago.

There’s no clear statement from her about the intervention of plastic surgeon to her face. But by considering Gloria Vanderbilt appearance she may have had at least facelift and Botox injection. These are common procedures taken by old celebrities in order to regain their youthful faces.

Facelift in many cases of celebrity plastic surgery is often combined with Botox. This popular combo effectively erases the aging signs and maintains face youthfulness. It is highly possible that Gloria Vanderbilt has taken the same, too. Face-lift performed by her plastic surgeon has successfully tightened her skin. Botox injection makes things perfect. It effectively erases wrinkles and lines.

Gloria Vanderbilt Facelift, Botox

Gloria Vanderbilt Facelift, Botox Before and After

We must put Gloria Vanderbilt plastic surgery on good celebrity plastic surgery list. It’s amazing how plastic surgeon has succeed in erasing aging signs on her. However, we also couldn’t deny that Gloria looks a bit unnatural. Look at her cheeks. These part of her face look more protruding.

But overall, plastic surgery has given its benefit to Gloria Vanderbilt. She may have visited professional plastic surgeon and spent much money to make such amazing result.

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