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Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery, Before and After

Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery

Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Plastic surgery is part of Heather Dubrow’s life. She has had it here and there on her face and body. The Real Housewives of Orange County cast certainly doesn’t need to make denial like many other celebrities do. She could get any procedure she wanted at anytime from her husband Terry Dubrow – a prominent American plastic surgeon.

Heather Dubrow plastic surgery involved procedures Botox, filler injection, and some other procedure on abdomen. Boob job is another procedure that is widely linked with her. But Dubrow denies it, saying to media that she didn’t get boob job even she is “body ashamed” for not taking the procedure.

Well, we can see result of the procedures on her face clearly. Her face change is significant in her Before and After pictures. She looks more unnatural, though. Heather Dubrow can’t hide her stiff, frozen face. Her tight skin changes her eyes and cheek appearance.

Botox could be main cause over her flawless face skin in addition to Sculptra injection. Unfortunately, her face looks too flawless. It seems that she has gotten the Botox a bit too much. She way more natural before the procedures she underwent.

Not only on face, Heather Dubrow surgery also performed on her tummy. Well, she must be happy for being wife of a surgeon. Her husband will always there anytime she needs beauty remake, including after giving birth.

Another work that was admitted by them is Umbilical Hernia surgery. Umbilical hernia is an abnormal condition when abdomen wall (or muscle) especially near belly button area weakened. This condition usually causes the belly button to pop out and more protruding than normal condition. It can occur, especially on infant, children and pregnant women.

Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow

Heather Dubrow & Terry Dubrow Photo

Terry performed the surgery to his wife ‘after their kids’.

“I fixed an umbilical hernia on her abdomen after the kids,” he told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live a few years ago. Heather wasn’t the only patient. On the show, Dr. Dubrow stated that he also got some works for himself. The works were mainly done to his face.

“I’ve had lasers, fillers, some CoolSculpting . . . I’ve had it all.”

Well, they have opened their secret. And we know they have had happy family for almost two decades. Could plastic surgery be the Dubrow secret? This couple, however, reminds us of another plastic surgery couple addict; Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons.

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