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Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Holly Madison plastic surgery is popular among American celebrities. Holly Madison is honest about her plastic surgery. People don’t even need to speculate about the truth of Madison plastic surgery. 35 years old American model and TV personality openly told some medias about plastic surgery procedures she underwent.

Holly Sue Cullen, widely known as Holly Madison can’t resist the temptation of plastic surgery. She has had some works done throughout her face and her body. Start from her face, Holly got the surgeon help to get the nose job. Holly didn’t seem love her nose gene. By looking at Holly Madison Before and After pictures you can see what it looked like.

holly madison plastic surgery

Holly Madison Nose Job Before and After Picture

Holly Madison’s nose before surgery was quite big, especially on the nose bridge and the nose wing. Simply, her nose looked flatter if seen from the front. But the problem ended when woman who appeared on The Girls Next Door asked for help from the nose specialist.

Nose job or also known as Rhinoplasty fixed major problem of her nose. Her big nose has been resized. It is now much smaller. You can see how her nose bridge is much slimmer today. Impressive result is also happened on her nose wing. It is much smaller and make her nose looks more pointy.

From her nose we move to her body. Holly Madison made another decision on it, specifically, on her boobs. She got breast implant. Actually Holly got boob job in the earlier years. It is about 14 years ago or when she was 21 years old. That’s even before she involved herself into Playboy. Living and working in the Playboy world  then gave her more pressure to get further plastic surgery. And what we see today is some combinations of plastic surgery procedures she has taken.

Holly Madison Boob Job

Holly Madison Boob Job Picture

Holly Madison seems happy with plastic surgery. She’s been always honest about her ‘plastic’ figure. At least that’s what she told.

“No, I’ve always been very honest about it. I’ve had my boobs and my nose done.” as quoted from

Luckily, Holly Madison didn’t end with bad plastic surgery result, or maybe not yet. With the help of plastic surgery, we couldn’t deny her sexiness, could you? What do you think about Holly Madison plastic surgery? Share your thought below.

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