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Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before After

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are many celebrities who are not too open about plastic surgery. But Howard Stern is an exception. 62-year-old American TV personality, author and actor has openly admitted plastic surgery. Nose job, chin surgery and facelift are procedures of Howard Stern plastic surgery.

As we can see in his Before and After plastic surgery photos, procedures he took has changed his face significantly. Look at Stern’s chin. It’s easy to say that this part has been reshaped via plastic surgeon’s knife. He used to have smaller and far narrower chin. It is said that chin surgery has been performed to fix that shape.

Well, chin surgery worked well. We all agree that Howard Stern looks better with his new chin. Shape of his chin bone has changed. It looks wider now. Better condition can also be seen on his nose. It is where he got nose surgery (Rhinoplasty).

However, unlike chin surgery, the nose job didn’t leave significant change. But we can easily see that bump on his nose has been reduced. This procedure also changed the way his nose bridge and nose wing appear. Overall he looks better with it, doesn’t he?

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On the other hand, facelift has been chosen as his assistance to fight against aging. He is over 60. Sagging skin, wrinkles and frown would appear on every corner of his face. Facelift should help Howard Stern in maintaining his youthfulness by pulling face skin.

Howard Stern

Howard Stern Then and Now Photo

The facelift seems effective in reducing wrinkles. It would be a hard task to see wrinkles and frown on his face. He has smooth face skin. That’s good if we remember his age.
However, considering his recent face, we may say that Howard Stern didn’t get the best of facelift. Some of us might

say that he at least looks a bit younger than his age, but we can’t deny that sagging skin still appear. Well, do you think Howard Stern plastic surgery runs well? Or does he need another procedure to fight against gravity? We mean saggy skin?

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