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Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Plastic surgery involvement is rather hard to hide from Ian Somerhalder. 37-year-old American actor and model looks more unnatural than before. No, it’s not about his face in The Vampire Diaries, it’s about his face in his real life. However, like other male celebrities with allegedly plastic surgery, Ian Somerhalder is also not too open about it. And that makes people more curious about the truth of Ian Somerhalder plastic surgery.

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Ian Somerhalder face appearance looks different compared to his in the few years earlier. As we can see in Ian Somerhalder Before and After plastic surgery picture he used to have naturally handsome face. His profile didn’t show any weird impression. This is different with his face today.

The After picture of him clearly shows unnatural look. It’s stiff and frozen. He even seems unable to show his smile naturally.

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Ian Somerhalder recent appearance is linked with at least two plastic surgery procedures. Facelift and Botox are procedures he allegedly has. However, by examining his pictures we may say that Ian Somerhalder didn’t go crazy with face-lift. Facelift made his face to look tighter but not too tight. His plastic surgeon may have performed mini-facelift for that.

Botox is possibly procedure that mainly causing unnatural look of Ian Somerhalder. In many cases of celebrity plastic surgeries such face appearance is usually having Botox in it. Things would be okay if someone takes Botox in proper dosage, but it would not be so okay if someone takes it too much.

Ian Somerhalder Facelift

Ian Somerhalder Facelift & Botox Photo

Ian Somerhalder may have been a bit addicted with this Botox. Overdone Botox make his face to look ultra-smooth. It is too smooth for him. His face looks like made of porcelain. Simply, it erases his handsome face in no time.

Regardless the truth of plastic surgery intervention in his life, it is sad to see Ian Somerhalder dramatically loses his natural face. Is it possible for Hollywood to allow its celebrities to aging gracefully? What do you think?

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