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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Boob Job, Nose Job

Ivanka Trump is definitely a name we’ve been hearing about lately. As the eldest daughter to Donald Trump and Ivana Trump, it’s not surprising that her name would come up.

She is a businesswoman, the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions of the Trump Organization. She handles all of the real estate owned by the company and the hotel initiatives.

She is also a former model, much like her mother. She still does some modeling, but it’s in the form of magazine covers rather than being a runway model. Her last photoshoot was actually for the magazine Town & Country when she was pregnant with her third child earlier this year.

As her father is running for President of the United States, she has, of course, asked about how she feels about it. She believes he is a good candidate and although she does disagree with him about some things, she thinks he is definitely for women’s rights.

Of course, there are a lot of people who would vastly disagree with that statement.

Ivanka went to college at the University of Pennsylvania and got her bachelors in economics. This is what led her to being such a crucial part in the Trump Organization.

Before getting married to Jared Kushner, who is a businessman, she converted to Judaism. They were able to have a Jewish wedding and Ivanka believes the Jewish faith is the best thing she could have done.

She was raised Presbyterian, but she thinks Judaism brings her and her family much closer together, as they do nothing but talk and hang out Friday and Saturday.

Of course, not everything about Ivanka Trump is so lovely and beautiful, though they may add to her physical beauty.

Ivanka Trump has been surrounded with cosmetic surgery reports for around 10 years. She was in her 20s when people firstly noticed that the appearance of Donald Trump’s daughter changed.

The first change was seen on her nose, before another significant change was also found on her body, specifically, on Ivanka’s boobs.

As many people believe, Ivanka Trump may have had cosmetic surgery on those two parts. Nose job for her nose, and boob job for her, well, breasts. These are two associated procedures related to Ivanka Trump cosmetic surgery.

Ivanka Trump Nose Job?

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Ivanka’s nose change is hard to ignore. It’s also hard to chalk it up to being a makeup effect. Even the most convincing denial couldn’t help much in disguising nose job result. You saw it, Ivanka Trump before and after plastic surgery picture shows clear change.

Before the nose job, she had wider and bigger nose compared to hers today. Bump on the nose bridge made it to look bigger. So was her nose tip, looked flatter from many angles. Nose job, as many people think, came to solve all her nose problem.

And voila! Ivanka Trump’s nose drastically changed. The work of nose specialist is obvious enough. As we can see in many recent photos of her, Ivanka has much smaller nose. Bump had gone to unknown place. That slim nose bridge suits her face. Doesn’t it make her to look more elegant?

For her nose job, it seems as though it went really well. The bump, which was on the bridge of her nose, was taken out, giving the bridge a mush slimmer and smoother look.ivanka-trump-plastic-surgery-before-and-after

Of course, there are a few different kinds of incisions a surgeon might use when doing a rhinoplasty (nose job). The three most common are open, closed, and tiplasty.

Ivanka Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

When you look at the names, you might get some sort of idea of what each might entail. In case you don’t, we’ll still tell you, don’t worry.

With an open incision, the nasal structures are out in the open. It’s the biggest incision and allows a lot to be changed to the nose. It also is open enough to take out bigger pieces of the nose.

The bump that Ivanka had could easily have been taken away using an open incision. It would definitely make her nose much smaller and slimmer. While this could also be done with a closed incision, it seems more likely that the open was used.

Next is the closed incision. This incision doesn’t have as much room to work with as the open incision, so there’s less the surgeon can do.

Even so, the nose can still change enough to notice. The bridge of the nose can become more narrow, making it suit the face of the person much more without completely altering their appearance. This one is perfect for small changes to the nose.

Also, the incision is done on the inside of the nose, so you won’t have to worry about any visible scarring!

Finally, there’s the tiplasty. If we break the word down, we get the word tip. So, what do you think this incision does? Obviously, it makes changes to the tip of the nose.

These changes can be small or large. In Ivanka’s case, it seems likely the tip of her nose had a lot of work done on it. Before, it was much more bulbous than it is now, making a lot of people assume she got some work done on it. From the photos, it really makes it seem like she did.

Rhinplasty’s are easily one of the most performed, and most expensive, cosmetic surgeries you can get done. Without taking into account the hospital room, anesthesia, or other related costs, the average rhinoplasty in the United States is 4,600 dollars. It could easily be over 5,000 or even 6,000 dollars depending on where you get it done.

In a larger city, a good doctor will cost more. For something that does so little, it’s interesting that it can cost that much money to make those changes to your body.

There are always some risks involved with getting a rhinoplasty done. The biggest one is that your nose won’t be what you had been expecting. It might be not enough or too much. It could completely change your appearance, but not for the better.

The only way that you can try to prevent this is researching your surgeon. Obviously, even with the best surgeon, there is still a major possibility that you can have this adverse effect, but research is key to preventing that as much as possible.

Common side effects include bloody noses and swelling right after the surgery. However, if you hear a whistling in your nose when you breathe in and out and you’ve noticed an increase in nosebleeds, you might have something else.

Sometimes, a hole can form in the cartilage between your nostrils. This isn’t anything life-threatening, but it can be an issue, especially if you start getting a lot of nosebleeds. The bigger the hole, the more likely you’ll be getting mucous buildup and nosebleeds.

Definitely tell your doctor if you notice anything like that.

Ivanka’s nose looks wonderful and really suits her face. The slimmer appearance doesn’t bring your attention right to her nose, but to her overall beauty instead.

Ivanka Trump Boob Job?

Ivanka Trump Breast Implants

Ivanka Trump Before and After Boob Job

Another significant change can be found on her boobs. Ivanka Trump allegedly had breast implants put in. The 34-year-old American businesswoman and model says nothing to this matter, which allows people to speculate about her boob job.

Similar to her nose job, boob job result is also easy to see. Ivanka’s picture shows notable changes on her boobs. Ivanka Trump before cosmetic surgery had a flat chest, as an effect of her small boobs.

However, if natural exercise doesn’t help her in getting bigger breasts, she has money. Ivanka may have visited plastic surgeon office to change her 33B bust size to a bigger 32D. Thanks to breast implants, Ivanka Trump now has bigger and fuller boobs. Can you deny her sexiness with that new boobs size on her?ivanka-trump-breast-implants-before-and-after

There are many different things that can go into a boob job, generally known as breast enhancement. Since it’s apparent she got implants rather than reducing sagging, we’ll focus on that, which is breast augmentation.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that she has three children. It’s entirely possible that her breasts got larger as a result of her children, but you just never know.

Her breasts did have a significant change, which makes it hard to only blame exercise and childbirth. It seems very likely she did get implants.

With implants, it’s important to know exactly what shape you want your breasts to be. Implants come in different shapes and sizes. If you want fuller looking breasts, you’ll want to stick with the round implants. They will add size, but make a round shape that makes them appear fuller.

If you want more natural looking breasts, you’ll want to go with the shaped implants. These will add size, but they will have a natural slope as well, making your breasts look more natural.

Breast augmentation, of course, has a few different incisions as well. Depending on the size of the implant, the incision will change. A larger implant means a larger incision.

There are four different incisions based on breast augmentation. They are inframammary, peri-areolar, trans-axillary, and transumbilical.

Started off is the inframammary incision. This is generally done when there is a large implant, as the incision is the largest of the four of them. This incision is on the breast itself.

A peri-areolar incision is usually done in conjunction with a breast lift, so it’s likely you won’t get this done with only an augmentation. The incision for this is also on the breast.

Third is the trans-axillary incision. This one is pretty interesting, as the incision is actually in the armpit. The implant, which will likely be a smaller implant, is then pushed from your armpit and into your breast. The best thing about this is that there isn’t any scarring on your breast.

Finally, there’s the transumbilical. This is also an incision that does things a little differently. As the name suggests, it has something to do with the belly button, as that’s where your umbilical cord was when you were born.

This incision is done in the belly button, so you know there won’t be any visible scars. Like the previous incision, the implant is pushed up and into your breast. This is also likely to be a smaller implant.

Ivanka Trump likely would have gotten round implants and likely the inframammary incision. Her breast size jumped up quite a lot, so it seems like that’s the best option.

There are also risks and side effects involved with this surgery. It’s possible that the breasts don’t come out like you expected. One could be slightly higher than the other, they could be much larger than you anticipated, and many other reasons they aren’t what you wanted.

Once again, the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is picking the perfect doctor. If you have someone who doesn’t seem to really care too much and just wants money, you should find a different surgeon.

You can also get some inflammation or pain in your breasts from this surgery. If it lasts a few days and doesn’t seem to be getting better, you should definitely call your doctor.

There’s also a possibility of infection from the implants. They might not have been handled properly and released bacteria into your breast, which is never a good thing.

Scar tissue is also something that might come out of these surgeries. With proper care, you can reduce the scar tissue and keep your mobility up. Scar tissue can inhibit certain things from working as smoothly and actually hurt you rather than help.

Even with these risks, Ivanka’s breast augmentation seems to have gone really well. She didn’t seem to have any visible issues with her surgery and seems pretty happy with it.

More Picture’s of Before and After of Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery:

Latest Picture’s After Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka’s transformation is exciting. Her surgeries, if she did truly receive them, went well and only added to her already exquisite beauty.

Most likely, she got these done when she was still heavily in her modeling career. It may have been something someone suggested in order for her to continue getting jobs in her modeling.

If it wasn’t from that, then it was from the amount of publicity that her family gets. They are, all in all, a business family. Her father, Donald Trump, made a name for himself, so of course, everyone in his family will also be under the spotlight.

Unlike some, she hasn’t backed down from the spotlight. This could be a reason she changed her body. She might not have been one hundred percent happy with her body and didn’t want the public seeing her in a different light.

It’s sad that people feel the need to get these surgeries done, but if it makes them feel better, then they should definitely go through with them.

Do you think Ivanka Trump got these surgeries? Or are the photos completely false? Only she will be able to tell us if she really got them done, but it’s always fun to speculate.


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