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Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery, Facelift, Botox Eyelift

Jack Wagner Facelift

Jack Wagner Facelift, Botox Before After Picture

We knew that Jack Wagner was a handsome man, and he is still. However, as he gets older Jack Wagner shows some unusual face appearance. Maybe there’s nothing good of being old, and “All He Needs” is plastic surgery. You might have known it that recent appearance of him is linked with plastic surgery. Jack Wagner plastic surgery is considered as reason over his unnatural face.

American singer, and actor who portrayed Frisco Jones on the soap opera General Hospital is rumored with some procedures. Most known are facelift, botox injection and eyelift. Jack Wagner’s before and after plastic surgery pictures can help us to see result of the combined procedures on his face.

Kristina Wagner’s ex-husband used to have natural handsome face. His before and after photo clearly shows difference. Jack is now showing more unnatural face profile. Botox,  that has been injected more than he needs, could be the main cause.

Botox injection is a popular way to reduce wrinkles and frown. Some other celebrities got their aging signs disappeared after proper amount of Botox. But those who have injected too much Botox are finally covering their face with “wax mask” and make them to look so unnatural.

Luckily, although Jack Wagner botox is a bit too much but at least he didn’t follow Rob Lowe‘s . We couldn’t deny if Wagner appears with unnaturally smooth face, but Botox has successfully erased wrinkles and lines on his face.

Facelift came to pull his face, added youthful look on it. His face looks tight. It’s good for him, isn’t it? With such a fresh, youthful face we can hardly remember that Jack Wagner is 56 years old.

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery

Jack Wagner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Jack Wagners also seems understand that eyes appearance is important in reversing age. Eyelid surgery or eyelift is just another procedure on Jack Wagner plastic surgery list. Just by comparing the before-after picture we can see change on his eyes area.

His new eyes appearance, however, adds the unnaturalness. Glad he at least didn’t go crazy with the eye-lift. We can still say that he is handsome enough for man his age. Do you say the same?

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