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Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery

Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

When you say famous names with bad plastic surgery you don’t miss Jackie Stallone, do you? How can we not mention Sylvester Stallone’s mother’s name when it comes to bad celebrity plastic surgery? Jackie Stallone, however, has some reasons for making her plastic surgery report is so popular. Beside she is old enough (the oldest person discussed on this site so far), Jackie Stallone plastic surgery also involves countless repeated procedure.

Before we talk further, you might be wondering her actual age. Well, Facqueline Frances Labofish was born on November 29, 1921. She is 94 years old!! Yes, she is just a few years away from having three birthday number candles on her birthday cake.

As we can see in Jackie Stallone before and after plastic surgery pictures, she has dramatically, significantly changed (read:ruined) her face. It’s clear that she got all the plastic surgery procedures too far. All procedures she took create permanent bad face appearance on her. By the way, what has she got?

As she herself openly admitted, filler injection is the main procedure she got. Actually, it’s known that Jackie Stallone was not too open at first. But back in 2013 she told that filler like Juvederm is the main cause over her plumping lips and cheeks.

“I do and actually I’ve got too much, I look like I’ve got a mouth full of nuts, it’s Juvederm, too much of it. I feel as though I look like a chipmunk. It plumps up here (cheeks) but it looks like you have a mouth full of walnuts.”

Many of us would think that Botox is another possible injection she has. But she insisted she didn’t have Botox since she didn’t too many wrinkles. However, along with shocking number of injection she’s got, Jackie revealed another procedure.

“I’ve had chemical peels, I’ve had three of those and about 50 injections.”

We all can see result of procedures she underwent clearly in the comparison photos of her. As you might tell from the photos, the result is a disaster for her. It’s reported that she does regret her plastic surgery. However, regretting it doesn’t mean stop doing it. Jackie Stallone is also said still playing with doctor’s syringe.

Jackie Stallone Filler Injection

Jackie Stallone Filler Injection Photo

By the way, Stallone also told her point of view toward American plastic surgery which according to her makes some stars worse.

“Just because it’s Beverly Hills and they do the stars, but do you see what the stars look like? They look like they’ve been struck by lightning don’t they? You take Elvis Presley’s wife, doesn’t she look like she’s frozen in space and in time. Like a statue, frozen.”

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