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Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery, Before and After Pictures

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Has Jaclyn Smith had plastic surgery? Well, although the actress  is not too open about possible procedures she underwent but drastic face change suggests excessive plastic surgery involvement. And if you think recent face of Jaclyn Smith is worse than before, you can blame her plastic surgeon. Jaclyn Smith plastic surgery could be better than what we see today. As we see, today Jaclyn Smith is a bit far from beautiful.

If you are a fan of the 1970s films you would know young Jaclyn Smith’s face. She was naturally beautiful when she portrayed Kelly Garrett in TV series Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981). Unfortunately, her classic beauty has been replaced with an unnatural one.

Some excessive plastic surgery procedures have changed the way her face appear. Jaclyn Smith cosmetic surgery should be having facelift, botox injection, eyelid surgery, cheek filler, and lips injection on the list.

Result of  Jaclyn Smith facelift is easy to notice. Combined with Botox injection her face appears tighter and younger than before. Facelift pulled her face skin effectively. Her relocated face skin affected other face features appearances such as her cheeks, eyes, forehead, and chin.

Botox, on the other way, erasing her wrinkles, frown and other aging lines drastically. Unluckily, this Botox is another significant reason over her unnatural face. She must have injected the Botox repeatedly in more-than-enough amount.

As we know, Botox works by eliminating the muscles ability  to move. As a result we can see that Jaclyn Smith expression is unnatural due to some unmovable areas on her face.

Jaclyn Smith plastic surgery also involved work around her eyes. Her before and after plastic surgery pictures capture noticeable eyelids change. In many celebrity plastic surgery cases, Blepharoplasty is procedure that explaining such eyelid change.

Jaclyn Smith Facelift

Jaclyn Smith Facelift, Botox, Fillers Photo

Another clear change on is also shown by her cheeks and lips. These parts are too unnatural to be said as natural change. Jaclyn Smith can’t hide her full, puffed cheeks. Nothing’s wrong with her cheeks unless you know her actual age.

Texas-born actress is 70 years old. Her age should give her sagging skin here and there including to the cheeks. Well, cheek filler can change that, easily. Filler gave more volume to her cheeks, boost her cheeks size like never before.
Some injection had also been performed on her lips. Again, her comparison photos can explain better. Result of Jaclyn lips injection is simply overdone, isn’t it?

Result of Jaclyn Smith plastic surgery may have disappointed many of us. How about you?

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