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Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Jacqueline Bisset once denied interest to plastic surgery. But as we can see, she appears so unnatural these days that makes many believe she has had work done. Considering recent appearance of her, Jacqueline Bisset plastic surgery is possible. Bisset’s unusual face is highly possible as an effect of facelift and botox injection.

Jacqueline’s Before and After plastic surgery picture above shows significant differences. English actress looks so ‘plastic’ compared to her in the past. We see it, she was naturally beautiful when she was young. She was one of classic beauties. Unfortunately, story of her natural beauty fades as she appears so unnatural today.

Facelift is the first procedure that allegedly caused that. It seems that this lifting procedure pulled her face skin a bit overly. Her forehead, eyes, and cheeks appear as if they have been reshaped. Facelift often gives such effect. Droopy cheeks is simply not part of Bisset.

Jacqueline Bisset undoubtedly has so tight face for women her age. She is 71 years old. Look at her forehead. Doesn’t it look too smooth for woman over 70? Unless you believe she has anti-gravity power then Botox is the most possible cause.

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Botox

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery Botox Photo

Botox injection is the most popular method to erase wrinkles and other aging lines. However, from the comparison photo we can say that the Botox is mainly fixing lines on her forehead, and cheeks area. We still can see crow’s feet around her eyes.

Judging result of her surgery we can say that she didn’t get the best of plastic surgery. If Jacqueline Bisset plastic surgery is aimed to make her look younger then it works. But if it’s to maintain her beauty, it doesn’t seem succeed. What do you think? Say your thought below.

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