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Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery, Before and After Pictures

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery, Before & After Picture

Jaime Murray once said that she will never have plastic surgery. But, her age and the fear of aging lines could change her mind. Sign of Jaime Murray plastic surgery is clearer as she shows some unusual change on her face.

Before and After plastic surgery pictures of Jaime Murray shows noticeable change. As many believe, some face features of her have been retouched by plastic surgeon. English actress who portrayed Lila West in the series Dexter is linked with procedures nose job, botox injection and eyelift.

The botox existence in Jaime’s face is rather hard to deny. We all can see that her face looks so smooth. It is even too smooth that it appears as if it is made of wax. Look at her forehead. This part appears amazingly flawless without wrinkles and frown. We also can’t deny that Botox has changed her face color. In other words, her face skin colors looked more natural when she was younger.

Botox may erase aging lines from Murray’s face, but do you notice some unnatural impression on her face? Don’t you see her face appears unnaturally stiffer than before?

Jaime Murray’s skin is not the only change on her face. Her nose alteration is also easy to see. But, as the comparison photos show us, change on Jaime Murray’s nose is not too drastic. However, her nose bridge is undoubtedly slimmer than before. Her nose tip, too, appears more pointed.

It seems that her nose specialist had performed minor nose surgery (Rhinoplasty). It would be hard to accept her nose job decision since aesthetically she didn’t problem with nose. But well, at least the surgeon didn’t cut her nose excessively.

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Picture

Jaime Murray Botox, Nose Job Photo

From her nose we move to her eyes areas. Yes, it is where eyelift or eyelid surgery had possibly been done. But compared to the other procedures, result of the eyelift is less obvious. We couldn’t see significant change around her eyes. But still the change is detectable.

The After pictures capture more lifted eye shape. It also affects her eyebrow appearance. But again, the change is subtle. Minor work on her eyes should be enough because her age doesn’t indicate the needs of eye-lifting.

Jaime Murray is 38 years old and we want to see her aging gracefully. Do you think Jaime Murray plastic surgery is a right choice?

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