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Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery, Before After Botox, Liposuction

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of a few celebrities who openly admits plastic surgery. More importantly, she admitted that she regretted her plastic surgery. Jamie Lee Curtis plastic surgery has attracted people’s attention, and is giving chance for many to say their opinions.

Jamie Lee Curtis plastic surgery has been since early 2000s. Tony Curtis’ daughter had gone under the knife for taking several procedures. There are at least eyelift, Botox injection and liposuction as parts of Jamie Lee Curtis plastic surgery. However, she didn’t take the procedures excessively.

“I’ve had a little plastic surgery. I’ve had a little lipo. I’ve had a little Botox. And you know what? None of it works. None of it.”

Result of Botox is clear enough. Her before and after plastic surgery photo captures her face change. Jamie Lee was naturally beautiful before the Botox injection. The injection, although according to her it is just a little, has changed her face skin quite significantly. Botox appears to be thing that erases her natural face profile.

In addition to Botox, work on her eyes area changes her eyes appearance. It simply adds the unnaturalness to her face look. It looks like that her eyelids, both upper and lower, have been reshaped.

And quite different with botox and eyelift/eyelid surgery effects, we couldn’t see drastic change on her after the liposuction. Well, she had had it a little.

Jamie Lee Curtis Botox

Jamie Lee Curtis Before and After Botox, Eyelift

However, Jamie Lee Curtis plastic surgery was not a right decision. 57-year-old American actress, author, blogger openly expressed her regret to many media. Beside problem with pain she got, she admitted that plastic surgery just didn’t work.

“It was a nightmare. It made me much, much more insecure. There were some complications and I had a horrible experience. I’ll never do that again. Plastic surgery doesn’t work.”

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