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Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before & After

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Picture

Janet Jackson Nose Job Before and After Picture

Janet Jackson has been surrounded with plastic surgery reports since years ago. You may have known it that Janet Jackson plastic surgery is mainly on her nose. It’s certainly difficult for Janet to hide her brother, Michael Jackson nose on her. Janet Jackson has reshaped her nose since the young days of her. It was reported that Janet Jackson took nose job when she was 16 years old.

However the result of rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is permanent. We can see nose specialist work easily until today. Well, most of us would say that Janet Jackson’s nose is bad enough. As we can see in Janet’s before and after plastic surgery picture, she used to have better nose shape. It was natural and suited her face well.

Story changed when Janet Jackson took excessive plastic surgery. Nose job performed by her surgeon reshaped her nose badly. What do you think about her new nose?

Nose is not the only her face part that has work done. Rumors say that 49-year-old singer has some other procedures. There are cheek surgery, facelift and botox linked with Janet Jackson plastic surgery. Some people and even plastic surgery experts highly believe that Janet has undergone facelift.

But she didn’t go crazy with it. Janet Jackson is widely reported that she has had mini-facelift. Facelift and botox are possible procedures behind Janet’s stiff face. As many think, magic combo of face-lift and botox has disappeared her aging signs.

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

However, unlike nose job, the result of those procedures are questionable. In other words, we may not find significant changes caused by the allegedly procedures. Many of Janet’s fans even don’t believe all of her procedures except for the nose job.

So, what’s your word? Did Janet Jackson have other plastic surgeries? Overall, Janet Jackson plastic surgery procedures are quite similar with her sister La Toya Jackson. See La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery.

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