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Jennifer lopez plastic surgery – before and after photos

About J.Lo

Most of you are fully aware of who Jennifer Lopez is. But for the few of you who aren’t, she is an American actress, singer, dancer, film producer and fashion designer of Puerto Rican descent born on July 24th, 1969. She’s also a singer, television personality, television producer and judge on the popular reality TV show, American Idol. It seems that Jennifer, or J.Lo as most of her fans know her excels at everything she sets her mind to so far, and looks stunning and sexy while doing so.

Though she is in her forties, she looks as if she is much younger, perhaps in her twenties. In fact, if there is a list of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez will undeniably be near the top of the list.

However, some people wonder if her curvaceous body is all natural. That is why there have been so many rumors swirling about her lately in celebrity gossip circles. Many fans speculate that Jennifer’s very youthful look is not Mother Nature being kind to her but that instead she has undergone plastic surgery.

What Does J.Lo Say?

J.Lo has denied that she has gone under the knife, stating in an interview for the website Make Me Heal that she, like most women in Hollywood, does not want to get any cosmetic surgery or enhancements to her face and body, but that she also does not want to judge anyone who has undergone such procedures.

Official Basis

There is no official basis for the rumors that are filling chat rooms and blogs. None of Jennifer Lopez’s friends or doctors have come out to speak about her having plastic surgery procedures. That means there is not any official reason to believe that she has gone under the knife. But yet fans, and plastic surgeons, speculate.


Several plastic surgeons have looked at old photos of Jennifer Lopez and compared them closely with photos taken of her lately. The result is surprising. Dr. Bruce Katz, a board-certified dermatologist hypothesizes that Jennifer has gotten botox injections to give her that smooth, beautiful face. He also supposes that she has undergone a brow lift. Dr. Steven Pearlman seconds Dr. Katz’s claims. However, neither of these doctors has mentioned any serious plastic surgery procedures.

However, not all doctors agree with this lack of augmentation. Dr. Kyle M. Back disagrees. He thinks that Jennifer’s curves speak of enhancement here and there. He theorizes that she has had breast implants and a breast lift as well as augmentation in the buttocks area.

In his report, he says that J.Lo’s body has changed remarkably over the past several years. A couple of years ago, her breasts and butt were saggy and deflated, all things that are normal for a mother of two at her age.

However, now her breasts are perky and firm and seem to be quite a bit larger than they were before, which could speak to a breast lift and silicone implants. However, a similar look could be created by use of a heavily padded push-up bra with an underwire support to achieve the lift.

The magazine, Gossip Cop, debunks the claims of a boob job for Jennifer Lopez. They claim that there is no time for her to have had a breast augmentation surgery over the holidays in 2015 as some bloggers and gossip columnists have claimed. Jennifer was very busy during the holiday season and spent most of her time in dance rehearsals, social functions, and other activities. Therefore, there would have been no time for her to recover from having her breasts enhanced.

Dr. Back also states that J.Lo’s famous booty is looking far less saggy recently. This hints at a butt lift, though Jennifer, of course, denies it. However, looking at the before and after pictures, it is hard to believe that her new, balanced booty could simply be the work of exercise.

If she did not have plastic surgery to fix her booty, she would have had to do very specific workouts, and wear clothing that would give the appearance of a plump, pert bottom.


The changes in Jennifer Lopez’s appearance over several years have been very subtle as not to interfere too much with her everyday life. If she has undergone cosmetic surgery procedures in any shape or form, she has found an excellent doctor. Nothing is overdone. She looks as beautiful now as she did fifteen years ago, without the Botox bumps and nose jobs that a lot of celebrities wind up sporting.

If you don’t look at the before and after pictures closely, it is difficult to discern the extent of the changes. The real tip-off that anything is truly different is that Jennifer Lopez looks as swelteringly sexy now as she did fifteen years ago, before the birth of her children, and that just isn’t natural. A forty-six-year-old woman should not generally look as young as she does.

Ms. Lopez would have plenty of reason for having cosmetic surgery procedures. She is trying to jump back into acting, a profession which is notoriously hard on anyone who doesn’t look perfect at all times, so she would, of course want to look her best for the cameras.

Furthermore, her bodacious booty is one of her most marketable assets. If her booty didn’t look its best, then it would likely be harder for her to renew her acting career.

But with all that aside, did she have plastic surgery? The world may never know. She denies it. Her friends and other people close to her deny it. No doctor has come forward and spilled the beans about being her surgeon. Therefore, it is impossible to either confirm or deny the rumors about her surgery. All we can really do is suppose one way or the other. Now, however, you can form your own opinions. Did Jennifer Lopez have plastic surgery? You decide.

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