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Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Boob, Nose Job

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Boob, Nose Job

Many know Jennifer Love Hewitt as one of the—if not the—biggest TV and movie bombshell of the 2000s. She started out on night time television as rising starlet, and then paved her way to stardom by staring in blockbuster after blockbuster. Then she started doing sexier, sensual roles that caught the eye of many viewers. She was the favorite actress of many then.

Nowadays, she is known for her beauty. Plus, she also has the background of not only acting, but modeling, producing, singing, songwriting, directing, and writing. She is a modern day working woman, who can do a little bit of everything. Her force in the Hollywood scene is truly unstoppable.

However, no matter how much success she gains from in front of and behind the camera, her beauty is haunting and taunting part of her life. Many people see her not for her many accomplishments. Instead, they see her for only her beauty. Because of that, she’s had to keep a careful eye on how she presents herself to the public. She can’t be out of shape and she always has to look divine.

This is a factor that may have led her to a path of plastic surgery. Although Jennifer Love Hewitt has never outright admitted to her plastic surgeries, they are rather well known to the public. The changes she made to her body—her face, skin, and breasts—were hard to ignore, as they made a huge difference and departure than how she was before. Let’s take a look at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s past, to see how the pressure of staying attractive in Hollywood could have pushed her to plastic surgery.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Before Getting All Her Surgeries

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been in the show business since her infancy. She was a baby in diaper commercials, and continued to the Disney channel during her elementary years. This allowed her to gain traction from a young age. Early 1990s, she gained a leading role on the Party of Five as Sarah Reeve Merrin. And this is where her career as a beloved fan favorite with the public truly began to bloom.

She continued to take on the television world by starring in her very own show, the Ghost Whisper. After that project she had even more fans than before; and, she was even granted the title of sexiest woman on television by TV Guide magazine. This was followed up by her emmy nominated series The Client on Lifetime television. This peaked her sex appeal on screen. It also, may have been the start of her plastic surgery ordeal.

Throughout all of the success talked about previously, a huge emphasis for marketing Jennifer Love Hewitt was based solely in her sexuality. By the time The Client was ravaging viewer, Love Hewitt was a full blown sex symbol of the time period. But then things took a decline.

New starlets started sparking up the scene, and Jennifer Love Hewitt was being left behind. It was around this time that a majority of the known and speculated plastic surgeries are thought to have taken place. As, she began attending premieres to movies and shows that she produced with a new look and a entirely new air about her. So, it is rumored that perhaps Jennifer Love Hewitt began all these surgeries to get back in the public eye, maintaining her sex symbol status with body augmentation.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs Job

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs Job Before & After Photo

Noticing a Not So Subtle Change – Breast Augmentation Surgery

The second most eye-catching change to change on Jennifer Love Hewitt is the size and lift of her breasts. Once an average sized gal, she now has breasts that burst out of her dresses. It appears that she went up at least a cup size. Plus, her breasts once hung at a lower part of her chest, while they now rest higher, nearly right under her chin; something that is rare when a woman has average to large resting bosoms.

The High Possibility of a Nose Job – Rhinoplastic Surgery

As of 2004, people began to see a difference in Jennifer Lode Hewitt’s facial features. It was subtle, but there was a difference to be seen. The changes made at the time was a very clever and well-done rhinoplastic surgery. The bridge of her nose was softened and shortened to her liking. To the date, Jennifer Love Hewitt has not admitted to the claim of her nose job to be valid.

However, there are resources of people saying that you can see the differences in her nose from her younger age to now that make it undeniable that she has had work on her nose performed. This has to do mainly with the new indention at the base of her nasal bridge. This is something that people are either born with, or something that happens in surgery; but. It cannot be grown into. Of that same persuasion, the tip of Love Hewitt’s nose has differed as well. Once a button nose with a small crease on top of it, the tip of her nose now is flat and professionally shaved over.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Trimming off the Fat – Multiple Liposuction Surgeries

Liposuction is the process of removing unwanted fat from the body, and then improving the stretched skin. It allows patients and celebrities to get much thinner without sticking to a lifelong heathy diet and participating in tedious, everyday exercise. This is something that is speculated of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s many surgeries.

This is due to the fact that in her photoshoot with Maxim magazine years ago, her figure was unnaturally think compared to how she had been prior to the shoot. Then after, she began guest starring on hosted night shows and continuing her series with a noticeably smaller frame. Instead of just blaming Photoshop on Maxim, which they used anyway, it was in the know to believe that Jennifer Love Hewitt had had a liposuction surgery performed.

Since then, Jennifer Love Hewitt has gained some healthy weight on her body, so she isn’t just skin and bones. However, she is at the prime of her life health and fitness wise, but she still hasn’t gotten as skinny as she was after that Maxim photoshoot. This just causes even more suspicion to circulate and more people to wonder.

Thickening the Skin to Tautness – Botox Shots in the Forehead Region

Jennifer Love Hewitt has always had great skin and a young-looking face. But, she is going into her late thirties, almost forty. By this time, it is natural and normal to start showing signs of wrinkles and laugh lines. Yet, Jennifer Love Hewitt does not have either of these.

Her skin is tight and firm, like that of a child or adolescent despite the fact that age is catching up with her. This could just be the luck of the draw, and Hewitt just so happens to have very plastic-like skin. However, with Botox and injection firming shots being a huge thing for stars in the spotlight, many have started to think that this celebrity has also been using them. It is unknown if she is in fact using the Botox in her forehead, but it is always a possibility for those head first in the media.

Facial Touch Ups Here and There

The last thing that many have speculated about Jennifer Love Hewitt is the minor changes around and on her faced. We have gone over the possibilities of Botox in the forehead and her rhinoplastic nose job, but it is rumored that she has also had little touch ups all over her face to keep herself looking the same way she did in her teenage years. Once again, this would be a form of conforming to the standards of beauty set up in Hollywood and television media.

This includes but is not limited to, a retouch of her lip’s cupid’s bow, indenting further in her chin, nipping and tucking at the edges of her jaw, and removing the crow’s feet from her eyes. These are all the reported possibilities, but fans have speculated more than just that. If these touch ups are legitimate, it would explain just how she continues to look so young as she gets even older.

Concluding Thoughts on Jennifer Love Hewitt & Her Surgeries

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been an important symbol these past twenty years in media, so despite anything else she is special as an example of how sex appeal is portrayed in Hollywood. She has not admitted to the validity of her plastic surgeries, but undeniably they have occurred. And, it all may be a result to trying to reach expectations and standards that bar people from accreditation.

Her experiences and influence has not only shaped viewers, but other rising stars. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s plastic surgery story may help them decide for themselves in the future if they want to go the path of cosmetic augmentation as well. The only way we will find out is watching as time passes by.

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