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Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Boob Job

Jessica Alba plastic surgery is kind of public secret. Although the actress has never openly admitted it, but some believe that Alba does have it. Many people are considering the possibility of Jessica Alba plastic surgery. Some changes on her face and her body cause this plastic surgery issue.

Jessica Alba Nose Job

Jessica Alba Nose Job Before and After Picture

Many people are accusing Alba may have had at least nose job and boob job. The result of both procedures are quite obvious. Many Before and After plastic surgery pictures of her show it.

Compared to hers today, Jessica Alba used to have bigger, wider nose shape especially on the nose bridge and the nose wing. Simply, her nose looked flatter. And as many people think, she may have undergone nose job (rhinoplasty). The nose job reshaped her nose effectively.

We can see her pictures, she now has smaller nose. Her nose bridge is dramatically slimmer. Her nose is getting better with more pointed nose tip, too.

Good plastic surgery is also shown by her boob job. The boob job has helped Alba to look more curvaceous. Her flat chest has changed. It is now fuller with bigger breasts on it.

However, according to some plastic surgery experts, Jessica Alba may have small-sized implants. The implants have changed both size and shape of Alba’s boobs. Regardless the size of the implants, we would all agree that the implants make Jessica Alba sexier.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Her 34B bra size looks perfect for her body shape. Like actress Christy Carlson Romano, Alba takes breast implants wisely. Although in fact they can’t resist the temptation of having big boobs, but they don’t seem obsessed with big boobs. They have fit breast implant sizes in their bodies.

So far, Jessica Alba looks good with plastic surgery. However, it would be better if she plays with plastic surgery more carefully. We don’t want bad plastic surgery to ruin her beauty in the future, do we?

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