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Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jessica Biel Nose Job

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before After Picture

Is Jessica Biel plastic surgery true? As many online media report that plastic surgery is possibly there on Jessica Biel, specifically, on her face. Jessica Biel has been linked with plastic surgery since more than five years ago. Nose job is the most the possible procedure she may have had done. At least that’s what many people think. Another procedure took place on Biel’s lips. Lips are part of her face features that are rumored with lips augmentation.

We can see Jessica Biel’s Before and After pictures to see if there is plastic surgeon’s work on her. Do you see something suspicious on Jessica’s nose, and lips? Well, some wouldn’t see significant difference on those parts while some other will say the opposite.

Let’s take a look at her nose first. Although Jessica Biel’s nose looked a bit bigger when she was younger, but it would hard to say that her slimmer nose is coming from surgeon’s knife. Jessica Biel has smaller nose bridge nowadays, but it is just not too different with it in the past. As some of us might say, makeup can make such change. That doesn’t stop Jessica Biel nose job rumor, though.

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People suspicion maybe addressed to the ala (nose wing). This part of her nose looks like it has been reshaped. It was wider, and looks a little bit smaller today. This condition affects her nostril as well as nose tip appearance. Well, if we must say that Jessica Biel has taken nose surgery then it must be a minor procedure.

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Before & After Photo

From nose to lips. Lips augmentation via lips filler is another rumor of Jessica Biel plastic surgery. However, the possibility of Jessica Biel lips injection is questionable. There is no clear proof found. All we can see is that Justin Timberlake’s wife has had full lips since she was young. And that could make many envy.

33-year-old American actress doesn’t give us clear clue over the alleged procedure. However, you may have your own words. Jessica Biel comparison photos can help us to see the truth, or at least the half of the truth. What do you think? Has Jessica Biel had lips enhancement?

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