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Jessica White Plastic Surgery, Before After Nose Job

Jessica White Nose Job

Jessica White Nose Job, Before After Photo

Jessica White plastic surgery has been a subject in some forums. Jessica White is known for being open over things she experience, such as about her relation with Nick Cannon or even her “gym orgasm”. Unfortunately, her openness doesn’t apply when it comes to plastic surgery. But there it is, Jessica White nose job is still a hot issue for many.

Although some would think that Jessica White may have also undergone some breast enhancement but there’s no strong evidence. Nose job could be the only procedure she had. And it seems hard for 31-year-old American model to hide surgeon’s knife trace on her nose.

Plastic surgery expert also believes that Jessica White nose job is a true fact. Since her plastic surgery attracted expert’s eyes we can at least hear expert’s words regarding Jessica’s plastic surgery. An American plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer suggested rhinoplasty over her nose change.

“Jessica White does have a well defined nose. She appears to have had a rhinoplasty giving her nose a very pointed and smaller shape.”

Well, summarizing what the expert said, nose surgery has given new nose shape to Jessica. We can see it in the Before and After picture easily, can’t we? It is clear that nose job has changed her nose. Her nose was wider and bigger.

Jessica White Plastic Surgery

Jessica White Plastic Surgery Picture

Thanks to the nose surgery Jessica White has smaller, more pointed nose today. Rhinoplasty changed her nose quite significantly. Nose change affected her face appearance. She looks better and more elegant with her new nose.

Like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell, Jessica White also shows what a good celebrity nose job is. What do you think about Jessica White plastic surgery?

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