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JK Rowling Plastic Surgery Before and After

JK Rowling plastic surgery issue has actually been spreading since about 2007. To date, her appearance keeps dramatically changing. Harry Potter author looks more different. JK Rowling allegedly has some plastic surgery procedures behind her face change.

JK Rowling Facelift, Botox

JK Rowling Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

As we can see in JK Rowling Before and After plastic surgery pictures, she looks more unnatural today. Compared to her in the few years earlier, JK Rowling has far flawless face skin. We can see wrinkles and frown easily in her old photos. It certainly contradicts her recent face appearance.

JK Rowling plastic surgery may have disappeared aging signs effectively. Her face looks stiff, though. It seems that she took her procedures a bit too far. What kind of procedures does she have?

Some people and even plastic surgery experts believe that JK Rowling may have at least facelift, botox and eyelift. While other treatment such as laser peel is also on her beauty enhancement list. And wait, do we miss cheek augmentation via cheek fillers?

Expert’s hint can help us. London-based cosmetic surgeon Mr. Alex Karidis told a few years ago:

“You would have thought that had she had something down to her face, she certainly would have had that done. The nose-to-mouth lines she has are also quite deep still. She may well have had skin treatment like lasers or skin-peels. But the main thing to say here is that she is wearing a tremendous amount of make-up,” he said.

However that’s a statement from about 8 years ago. Things would much change, so would Rowling’s face. As many believe that JK Rowling has enhanced her face with surgical procedure. It’s face-lift that strongly believed done by her.

JK Rowling Plastic Surgery

JK Rowling Plastic Surgery Photo

As a result, JK Rowling has younger face than her actual age. JK Rowling was  born on 31 July, 1965. She is 50 years old. Doesn’t she look 10, 15 (or more) years younger than her half a century age? British author must be happy with this.

Unfortunately, J.K Rowling doesn’t too open about her plastic surgery issue. But, we doesn’t seem need her admission. Regardless the truth of her plastic surgery, her face changes are hard to be said coming from natural exercises. So, are you a big fan of Harry Potter? What do you think about JK Rowling plastic surgery?


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