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Joan Allen Plastic Surgery, Before After Overdone Facelift

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery

Joan Allen plastic surgery is just another reason why she doesn’t age gracefully. Some work on her face has changed her look. Aging scared her. 59-years-old American actress needs plastic surgery to fight against the aging. It is widely reported that Joan Allen has undergone at least facelift and botox injection.

It is hard for Allen to hide her stiff face. As we can see in the Before After pictures, she looks different compared to her in the past. Her face change is not what we want to see, is it?

It’s easy to judge that her plastic surgeon has performed the facelift more than she needed. It is overdone. This procedure pulled her face skin overly. The tight condition took part in changing her eyes, forehead and cheek looks. Let’s blame this facelift for erasing her natural beauty.

Facelift is not the only procedure over her bad face. In order to get the best of facelift, many plastic surgeons will usually offer combining it with Botox. And Joan Allen seemed want it too. There comes Botox to reduce aging lines on her face. Result of Botox injection amazes us. It is a hard task finding wrinkles and frown in the After picture of her.

Joan Allen Facelift

Joan Allen Before and After Facelift Photo

Actress who played in films Nixon (1995) and The Contender (2000) appears younger than her actual age. That’s good for her. But bad part of Joan Allen plastic surgery is the unnatural impression that appear on her face.

Look at her forehead. Botox may have helped reducing aging signs, but doesn’t it look like it is made of wax? It is too flawless for her. Her age really is just a number.

Well, Joan Allen seems get both the good and the bad of plastic surgery. However, the best thing she could do is perhaps stop taking further plastic surgery. Do you agree? You can share your thought about Joan Allen plastic surgery in the comment box below.

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