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Jodie Sweetin Breast Implant Surgery: Before And After

Recently, Jodie Sweetin has been making a lot of waves in the media. She’s certainly been the focus of attention before—as a child with her comedic success on the widely popular sitcom, Full House, and later as a young adult, when she came clean about her drug addiction. Sweetin might be used to making headlines for her acting and her personal life, but she’s currently experiencing a completely different sort of fame!

Her fans have been focusing on one particular change—and it has nothing to do with critical reviews of her new sitcom, Fuller House—and the change is nearly impossible to ignore. Since her early days playing Stephanie Tanner, Sweetin has certainly grown into adulthood to become a beautiful, voluptuous woman—but she very well may have had some help along the way.

It’s Sweetin’s current appearance, which is making headlines left and right, as her drastically increased bra size becomes a common topic of media conversation and debate. It seemed as if, overnight, Sweetin had blossomed into a significantly larger cup size. With such a petite figure, some have said that her larger chest looks almost unnatural, or uneven, as if she might fall over.

Because of this sudden and seemingly unnatural growth, many people in the media have attributed her large breasts as a byproduct of plastic surgery. It seems that breast implants are the only logical answer to explain such a rapid physical change.

But why would Sweetin want to undergo breast implant surgery in the first place? This will require taking a quick look at common motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery, specifically for breast implants.

Reasons Women Seek Breast Implants

Breast implants takes the number one spot for the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. The reasons why a woman might want to choose to get breast implants are certainly complicated. A simple dissatisfaction with natural body proportions is not quite so easily explained!

Movies and television have perhaps given us a false idea of what a woman’s motivation towards getting breast implants may be—despite undergoing the most common cosmetic surgery, these women are seen as superficial, fake, or maybe even desperate for attention.

These judgments seem to center around an increased sense of sexuality and sex appeal through breast augmentation surgery. Though this has certainly been reported as a positive outcome, the reasoning behind getting breast implants should not be limited to one single, physical benefit.

Of course, the obvious physical change is that, after breast implant surgery, a woman has larger breasts. They get to purchase new clothing, new bras, and experience a completely new change in their physical appearance.

Aside from the obvious, there are some very significant emotional and psychological benefits that may accompany a woman’s decision to get breast implants. If Sweetin did, in fact, undergo breast implant surgery, not only would she have experienced a great deal of physical changes, but she could have been seeking to experience any one of these emotional and psychological changes and benefits.


In today’s culture, breast implants can become a way for a woman to take control over her self-esteem. Self-esteem can be described as the measure of confidence that you have in your own abilities or your own worth. You can look at self-esteem as the level of self-respect that you have for yourself.

Research results have linked levels of self-esteem as accurate predictors towards success and satisfaction in romantic relationships, levels of academic success, overall happiness, and even criminal behavior. Self-esteem has the power to drastically affect the course of one’s life, whether for the bad or for the good.

There is some research that exists which suggests that plastic surgery does not improve self-esteem. In fact, many people who undergo plastic surgery report having high levels of self-esteem even before surgery is scheduled.

Still, when it comes to breast implants and self-esteem, it is difficult to deny that a connection couldn’t exist. If a woman’s lowered self-esteem comes directly from an unhappiness or uncomfortable feeling towards her chest size, then who is to say that getting breast implants couldn’t raise her self-esteem?


Breast implants can also be a means of boosting a woman’s confidence as well. If a woman views herself as having exceptionally small breasts, she may suffer from a lowered sense of confidence when it comes to approaching romantic relationships.

Many women who get breast implants report increased levels of confidence not only in their romantic relationships, but with work and friends as well. There can be a sense of strength and empowerment coming from taking control over one’s body, which definitely can result in increased confidence.

Of course, the key thing to remember here is that experiencing increased confidence after a breast implant surgery is most likely to occur when a woman experiences low levels of confidence due to her natural breast size.

If a woman wants an extra confidence boost, and her dissatisfaction with her breast size is holding her back from that, then breast implants can certainly provide her with the all the confidence she needs!

Body Imagejodie-sweetin-fashion

Breast implants can do wonders in enhancing a woman’s body image. Many women have underdeveloped breasts, or breasts with drastically different cup sizes, or perhaps it is simply their perception and opinion that their breast size needs to change. For women suffering from a low sense of body image, many report feeling as if they have a deformity, as if their body is abnormal in some way.

If the source of a negative body image comes from breast size, then breast implant surgery is often sought out by women who are suffering from negative body image symptoms like anxiety, depression, avoidance of social events, and increased difficulty maintaining personal relationships.

Low body image may seem as if it automatically is connected with low self-esteem, but this is not always the case. It is entirely possible to experience low body image—feeling as if part of your body is not right—and still have a sense of self-esteem that is disconnected from body image.

Sexual Appeal

We tend to see large breasts as an immediate attribute of sexiness, and it is not uncommon or strange that a woman may want to increase her sex appeal through getting breast implants. After receiving breast implants, many women report increased sexual appeal and fulfillment, both for themselves and for their partners.

Sexual fulfillment doesn’t simply come from the addition of breast implants—many of these women were also experiencing positive emotional and psychological effects, like increased confidence and self-esteem. Sexual appeal does not only emanate from physically pleasing characteristics, but also from positive emotional output.

Criticism Of Sweetin’s Breast Implantsjodie-sweetin-plastic-surgery-breast-implants

Despite breast implants being the single most popular cosmetic surgery in the country, and despite all of the positive emotional benefits that can come from the breast implants, Jodie Sweetin has been getting a consistent amount of criticism.

By looking at before and after pictures, it is clear that there is a marked difference in Sweetin’s breast size, a difference so large that it cannot be accounted for through natural growth. Some have said that her larger breast size not only enhances her natural appearance, but it increases her overall sex appeal. Others have reacted harshly; saying that her frame is too small for breast implants to look natural, making her top-heavy or lopsided.

Jodie Sweetin seems to largely ignore any speculation regarding breast implants, and continues to live her life. She appears to be quite happy, boasting huge smiles and waves at photo opportunities. If she experienced low self-esteem, low confidence, or body image issues before, it hardly seems apparent now.

Jodie Sweetin And The Pressure Of Hollywood

Hollywood actors are put under an increased amount of stress and focused attention by the media, and by their fans, to uphold a certain level of style and appearance. We all have faced varying degrees of stress regarding physical expectations, whether they stem from expectations for physical fitness or athletic performance, gender norms imposed by society, or the stress that comes from comparing ourselves to those around us.

Imagine multiplying that stress by an astronomical amount. Normal people never have to worry about widespread analysis and publication of their physical attributes or their job performance. Celebrities do, and certainly Jodie Sweetin is in a unique position to understand such stress.

From age 5 to age 14, Sweetin played the role of Stephanie Tanner on the outrageously popular and family-friendly sitcom, Full House. With so much time spent on set, and with so many formative years spent acting, Sweetin really found herself growing up on set, in front of a national audience.

Continuing to attend grade school amidst rapidly growing success acted as a barrier for Sweetin to adjust, preventing her from truly feeling “normal” or from making school friends. Juggling a regular childhood with the attention and spotlight of Hollywood proved to be incredibly distressing.

Attention is certainly not a new phenomenon for Sweetin, but it certainly isn’t getting any easier to manage. In the face of constant, intense attention on her body and her growth, spread throughout her childhood and entire young adulthood, isn’t it possible that Sweetin could find herself analyzing her own self just as intensely?

Past Emotional And Physical Struggles

The actress certainly has experienced difficult times in the past. Sweetin has been very honest about her drug and alcohol addiction, and lives her life as a recovering addict. Shortly after Full House ended, at age 14, Sweetin began experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

Perhaps due to a lack of direction after losing the sitcom which has done so much to define her, Sweetin spent the next 15 years as a heavy drug user, including cocaine, ecstasy, and methamphetamine. Her memoir, titled unSweetined, was published in 2009 and acts as a detailed description of her slow decent into a world defined by drug and alcohol abuse.

Jodie Sweetin Additional Plastic Surgery

Certainly, addiction has long-lasting physical and emotional affects. Many addicts experience drastic decreases in their sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence, to name just a few. Physical ramifications of addiction can alter blood pressure, heart and liver function, or brain activity, to name a handful of examples.

For Sweetin, heavy drug use created serious changes to her appearance, including loss of teeth. Of course, her flawless smile is proof of having had significant dental surgery to recover any lost teeth due to drug use.

To make up for additional changes in facial structure, many have suggested that she has undergone additional plastic surgery.

The media has suggested that cheek implants are the reason why Sweetin has such full, shapely cheeks. By looking at before and after pictures from the past few years, there does seem to be a marked change in the shape of her cheeks. Sweetin has not acknowledged having had any sort of cheek implant.

To explain her smooth, flawless skin, many critics have turned to Botox injections as an explanation. While Sweetin does seem to have impeccable skin, plastic surgery is not necessarily a reliable explanation. It is entirely possible that a healthy, professional skincare regimen has lent her that smooth, glowing complexion.

As far as plastic surgery rumors are concerned, Sweetin is certainly not unaccustomed to the constant questions and scrutiny that her body undergoes on a daily basis. Whether or not she got breast implants, whether or not she got cheek implants or Botox, she certainly seems to exude happiness and positivity.

Changing Appearances All Around Usjodie-sweetin-plastic-surgery-before-and-after

Considering all that Sweetin has been through in her life, especially as a recovering addict, any happiness and positivity is an amazing thing! Regardless of the criticism and speculation that may follow, let’s not forget that every human being has the right to alter their appearance in any way they see fit.

Whether or not Sweetin has undergone breast implant surgery, or any other plastic surgery procedure, these surgical procedures should not come with the negative stigma of wanting attention, or of perhaps creating a fake version of one’s self. After all, everyone indulges in some form of body modification, in one way or another.

Cutting and dying hair is a regular occurrence, with some celebrities like Lady Gaga wearing wigs on a daily basis. Hair salons make their living not just on the premise of keeping hair healthy, but on the premise of change, improvement, and adherence to beauty standards through hair.

Facial structures are modified every day, whether through enhancing teeth with veneers, or undergoing chemical peels and injections to create younger, healthier looking skin. The entire skincare industry is based upon adding chemicals to alter the structure and composition of skin. These products are available in drugstores, retail outlets, or online stores, and you can get them whether you are a celebrity or not.

Waxing, laser hair removal, removing unwanted tints of skin from the body—these are all forms of body modification that receive much less attention than breast implant surgery. Still, breast implants remain to be the most popular plastic surgery across the entire country!

Changing Attitudes On Plastic Surgery

Jodie Sweetin been faced with a barrage of nosy questions about whether or not she has had breast implants, Botox, or cheek implants. Unfortunately, for celebrities, these questions might be unavoidable. Constantly being in the limelight means that any physical changes are immediately seen and highly scrutinized.

When it comes to celebrities, we tend to forget that they are people too, and despite having to cater to fans and media, they still have control over their own body.

What we also forget, as seen with Sweetin, is that breast implants are an incredibly popular surgery, and they can come with a whole host of positive emotional and psychological benefits.

Taking into account the list of potential benefits from breast implants, the mainstream media may want to decide to praise an actress for taking charge of their body, instead of harass and demean them. Potential positive benefits for breast implant surgery includes (but is not limited to):

  • Breast implants can correct hormonal or developmental deficiencies, where breasts do not grow naturally.
  • Undergoing breast implant surgery can increase self-esteem, which can lead to positive improvements in relationship satisfaction, and success in education or career.
  • Positive self-esteem means that you have a positive sense of self-worth, and can dramatically alter the course of one’s life.
  • Breast implants can result in strength and empowerment, drastically increasing feminine confidence.
  • If suffering from poor body image because of natural breast size, breast implants can alleviate negative emotions like anxiety and depression.
  • Many women who have gotten breast implants report experiencing higher sex appeal, and in some cases, higher sexual fulfillment.

Jodie Sweetin may currently be adding shock value with some impressive before and after photos regarding her breast implants, but dealing with additional attention is nothing new for the former Full House child star. Even if Sweetin never officially confirms her breast implants, or any other plastic surgery that she may have undergone, it’s comforting to know that she appears to be happy, self-satisfied, and full of confidence. The little girl who first coined the phrase, “How rude!” is certainly not a little girl anymore, but we should certainly not expect her to be!

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