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Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before and After Picture

Jodie Sweetin boobs are things that attract many eyes. She is undoubtedly sexy with her 32DD bust size. That size, however, brought plastic surgery issue. Yes, Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery is the secret. It is widely reported that she has enhanced her boobs with the help of plastic surgeon.

Jodie Sweetin boob job is popular enough. Many are curious about the truth behind those big, round breasts. She is not too open about it, though. Well, drastic change on Jodie’s bust is hard to be said as a natural change. Luckily, she appears better with that.

And we see from her before and after pictures that result of breast augmentation is good on her. We all can see her chest was flatter when she was younger. Small breasts were not good things for Jodie Sweetin and seemed to realize it. Thanks to breast implants Jodie has new, bigger boobs.

Although we can’t deny that her boobs look unnatural, we can’t also deny those add sexier look. More importantly, her implants appear to be good ones. Those have maintained her breasts shape for several years.

Boob job or breast enhancement was once the only procedure linked to Sweetin. However, as she grows older she shows some change on her face. As you might also say from the comparison photo, Jodie face change is unnatural.

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Picture

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Fact that her face looks unusual these days sparks Botox issue. Botox injection is a possible procedure of Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery. It is easy to see unnaturally smooth face of her. Compared to her former face skin hers today is also more shiny.

But wrinkle-free face doesn’t always mean good. Many celebrities faces are just appearing frozen after Botox injection they took. Botox may disappear aging signs but it also can freeze one’s face if injected too much. Back to Sweetin, she seems on her way to freeze her own face.

Actress who portrayed Stephanie Tanner on the Full House and Fuller House can avoid wax-like face if she considers to avoid too much Botox. Let’s hope Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery doesn’t become another bad story of celebrity plastic surgery.

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