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John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After

John Travolta Plastic Surgery

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

John Travolta plastic surgery is attracting many people to discuss. People are curious about what happened to her face. He definitely has wax face today, and he can’t hide it. It simply makes people believe that 61-year-old actor has undergone plastic surgery. Even if he denies it, it’s an easy task to see plastic surgeon work on John Travolta’s face. Travolta’s before and after surgery pictures capture significant difference.

He used to have far natural face than today. His wax-like face makes the differences clearer. It’s hard to not say plastic surgery involvement there.

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There are two procedures he may have. As many believe, facelift and botox injection are the reason. And as you might think, John Travolta has taken plastic surgery too far. It is mainly botox. Botox makes his face flawless in unnatural way.

John Travolta Facelift, Botox

John Travolta Plastic Surgery Photo

John Travolta looks different with ultra-smooth skin on his face. In many celebrity plastic surgeries, overdone botox causes such face appearance. However there is a difference, unlike many celebrities who look uncomfortable with bad plastic surgery, John Travolta just looks happy with his waxed face.

We perhaps don’t need to discuss his facelift. You know it, Travolta’s facelift is just bad, pulling his face overly and makes it too tight for him. However, he doesn’t say anything about her recent appearance. But we sure that John Travolta have gone too far with plastic surgery. He doesn’t succeed in pursuit of forever young. Let’s hope he can fix it.

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