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Jessica Robertson Plastic Surgery, Before and After Botox Pictures

Jessica Robertson Plastic Surgery

Jessica Robertson Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Jules Robertson’s beautiful wife, Jessica Robertson has her own plastic issue. She may not a big star but Jessica Robertson plastic surgery is interesting enough. Some procedures changed her face. Botox injection and nose job are two procedures linked with recent Jessica’s face appearance.

Jessica Robertson Botox

Before and After pictures of Jessica Robertson show clear face skin change. It’s easy to see her shiny, flawless face especially on forehead and cheeks area. Her face condition is a bit different compared to it when she was younger. She had naturally beautiful face before.

But it seems that Jessica Robertson can’t let aging signs appear on her. She is not that old, though. But some preventive way at her 35 could be a good choice. What’s not good is when she takes the Botox a bit too much. Her pictures capture stiffer face.

Sometimes, she even appears with frozen face. Botox may have “killed” muscles in some face area that she is unable to move it. It simply makes Jessica appear with unnatural impression.

Jessica Robertson Nose Job

Nose job is another procedure on Jessica Robertson plastic surgery list. As you can see in the Before picture, she appears with bump around the nose tip. It made her nose to look bigger. The bump, however, has been resized nicely. She looks more elegant with slimmer nose wing or nose side.

Jessica Robertson Plastic Surgery Picture

Jessica Robertson Before and After Botox Photo

Such a significant change is more likely caused by good rhinoplasty (nose surgery) she has taken. Jessica Robertson seemed to have visited right nose specialist. Surgeon work was not excessively and gave her better nose.

Jessica Robertson plastic surgery especially on her nose could make us forget about the overdone botox. And she could ruin her face at anytime with the injection. Let’s hope Jessica Robertson doesn’t addicted to plastic surgery. She looks good so far, doesn’t she?

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