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Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery, Before and After Facelift

Julianne Moore Facelift

Julianne Moore Facelift, Botox Picture

Julianne Moore plastic surgery is clear enough. Although she has never openly talked about it but her face appearance suggests that she has had it. Change on some of her face features is also believed as plastic surgeon work. It is believed that 55-year-old American-British actress at least has gotten facelift, botox, cheek filler and some work on eyebrow.

We can see face change in Julianne Moore Before and After pictures easily. Julianne Moore has been on screen since 1990s. We would agree if she was naturally beautiful in her early career days. Today, story of her face grabs attention when she appears with flawless face skin.

Julianne Moore Facelift, Botox

Facelift combined with botox injection are two most possible procedures on her. Actually, Julianne Moore was once praised for her youthful, natural-looking face.  However, that didn’t last too long. As she shows us today, her face has been retouched.

Judging her face change we can say that she has taken the procedures repeatedly. There are possibilities; she addicted to the procedures or she needed some corrective ones. Whichever the reason, we agree that Moore does help her.

Julianne Moore appears far younger than her actual age. No wrinkles, frown or even fine lines appear. Anyone who planned to have plastic surgery should take Julianne Moore as reference. Although she looks a bit unnatural, but her plastic surgery result is simply amazing.

Julianne Moore Cheek Filler

Volume addition on her cheek led another suspicion. Many believe she has had some work done there. Many people, including plastic surgery experts just couldn’t believe her gene was the cause.

It is strongly believed that actress who played in films Still Alice and Maps to the Stars has some filler in it. Not only makes her cheek a bit fuller, but the filler does maintain her cheek shape.

Another important change also shown by her eyebrow. A Florida-based plastic surgeon, Mark Murphy, MD gave clue related to this.

“Julianne Moore is a great example of how lower brow position can be deemed more attractive than a high one.”

Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery

Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Julianne Moore seemed to be having different view about work on brow. While many celebrities have browlift, Julianna Moore does the opposite. She lowered it, nicely.

Julianna Moore plastic surgery, especially for her face has stopped her aging. Well, although Julianne Moore is now getting benefit from plastic surgery, she could ruin her face if she takes further procedure. Let’s hope she is not addicted to plastic surgery.

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