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K Michelle Plastic Surgery, Before and After Implants Pictures

K Michelle plastic surgery is not a rumor. Among celebrities with plastic surgery, K Michelle is one of them who openly admits it. K Michelle knows her body is inviting many eyes to see. So she’s “Fakin’ it” to make it more attractive.

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Butt Implants

K Michelle Butt Implants Before and After Picture

As K Michelle admits on some interviews, she has had work done on her butt, boobs and stomach. It’s interesting to see the result of plastic surgeon work on her. There are many Before and After pictures of K Michelle spread on the internet.

Including in some pictures here, we can see that K Michelle did transform those parts of her body. Her butt looks much bigger compared to hers in few years earlier. K Michelle used to have flat butt. And we couldn’t call it a sexy one. K Michelle seemed to concerned about it. Well, butt implants then became her troubleshooter.

It’s easy to see the existence of these implants. K Michelle shares many butt-selfie photos on her social media accounts. She looks so happy with it.

Although her butt looks bigger, but sometimes that butt also looks too big for her. Do you think K Michelle butt implants is a perfect decision? Or is she too obsessed with butt augmentation?

Implants have also been placed in her boobs. These breast implants certainly bring new image of K Michelle. Her small breasts were old story. She has new, bigger ones. As you can see in K Michelle Before and After plastic surgery pictures, her boobs appear rounder and fuller.

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Boob Job

K Michelle Plastic Surgery Before and After

Another important plastic surgery of K Michelle is liposuction. If she adds volume to her butt and her boobs, this time she lift part of her belly. As she told HuffPost Live, she has sucked out her stomach.

“You know, I got my boobs done. I’ve had fat transferred to my butt. I’ve sucked out a stomach. You know, normal women things.” K Michelle explains.

33-year-old American singer looks confident with her new body. Regardless K Michelle plastic surgery results, we should appreciate her openness about plastic surgery.

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