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Kari Byron Plastic Surgery, Before and After Boob Job Picture

Kari Byron plastic surgery is widely spreading on the internet. There is no clear statement from Byron related to her plastic surgery, though. Kari Byron measurement, especially her boobs leads this plastic surgery rumor. There is one plastic surgery procedure she may have. The rumor says that Kari Byron has had boob job done.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

Kari Byron Boob Job Before and After Picture

MythBusters cast Kari Byron was believed to getting plastic surgeon help to resize her breasts. Breast implants could be procedure of Kari Byron boob job. The implants bring significant change on her chest. Boob job make it fuller, and sexier of course.

Kari Byron before and after photos are easy to find. And as you can see, it is easy to see difference between her Before and After photos. Kari Byron used to have much smaller boobs. It left wide empty space on her chest. Amazingly, her picture after the boobs job shows the opposite. Kari Byron has bigger ones.

Unfortunately, mother of one doesn’t tell us the truth of breast enhancement via plastic surgery. It leaves pros and cons among people. Many people still believe that Kari Byron plastic surgery is a fact while many of her fans believe that her boobs are still natural ones.

So what do you think? Is her 34B boobs size natural, or fake? Share your comment in the comment box bellow.

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