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Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery

Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Who can deny Kate Beckinsale’s beauty? She has beautiful face, nice body shape, good acting skill, reasons why many love her. However, Kate Beckinsale has another story related to her physical appearance. Yep, plastic surgery. Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery has spread since a couple years ago, before she reached her 40. 42-year-old English actress didn’t too open about her plastic surgery issue.

But as many believe, Kate Beckinsale has had work done. Nose job, boob job, lips injection and Botox injection are procedures linked with her. These procedures are believed as reason over her appearance change. We can see Beckinsale’s before and after plastic surgery photos to find surgeon’s work.

It’s likely that injection has stolen her heart. Injection has highly possible been performed on her lips and face. Lips injection is procedure that many believe Beckinsale has done. Although some would not see significant difference between her recent and old lips but some also believe that lip filler has been injected there.

Beside lips, injection may have also been injected to her face. Here is where Kate Beckinsale is rumored with Botox injection. Kate Beckinsale age could be motive behind her Botox decision. She is over 40. But as we see, she appears with flawless face. Wrinkle-free face of her amazes us, doesn’t it?

Nose job and boob job are two other popular procedures of Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery. Compared to the injections, the two surgical procedures gave more significant change to the related parts. Considering changes on her nose and boobs, those procedures tend to be more than just rumor.

Kate Beckinsale before plastic surgery had bulbous, flatter nose. The nose job (Rhinoplasty) has mainly changed her nose wing and nose tip. As we can see, her nostril and nose tip are affected. Her nose looks smaller with more pointed, upturned tip. Doesn’t she look more elegant with her new nose? Many categorized Kate Beckinsale’s nose alteration as one of the best nose jobs.

Kate Beckinsale Boob Job

Kate Beckinsale Boob Job Photo

Actress who played in films Pearl Harbor, The Aviator and Underworld series is also showing clear sign of boob job. Her boob job is involved both breast augmentation and breast reduction. Kate Beckinsale can’t hide it, her boobs once appeared far bigger than they were. In many celebrity boobs job, similar change is usually caused by breast implants. Implants simply increased boobs volume. Just like what we see on Beckinsale.

But it is said that Kate Beckinsale has removed the implants. And we can see her boobs match her body well. What do you think? You can share your though about Beckinsale plastic surgery in the comment box bellow.

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