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Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery, Before and After Botox Picture

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Kate Winslet plastic surgery has become a long debate. Winslet herself once denied any plastic surgery. But significant change on some of her face parts made plastic surgery possibility strengthened. Did Kate Winslet really have plastic surgery?

Well, Kate Winslet plastic surgery has widely spread and has attracted many eyes including plastic surgery experts’. Some of the experts agree that Winslet has had some work done. As they believe plastic surgery is mainly done to her face. Nose job, eyelid surgery and Botox injection are procedures she allegedly has.

Kate Winslet Nose Job

We have Kate Winslet before and after plastic surgery pictures to see traces of surgeon’s works. One known issue is the nose job. Winslet never admitted it, though. But an American plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden gave his view regarding Kate Winslet’s nose change.

“It looks as if Kate Winslet has had a nicely done rhinoplasty in the past that narrowed the nose and made the tip more refined,” he told a few years ago.

We can see what expert means in the before-after photo. Winslet used to have a bit wider nose, especially on the nose wing (nose side). Thanks to rhinoplasty (nose surgery) she has better, slimmer nose.

Kate Winslet Eyelid Surgery

More significant alteration can be seen on her eyes area. Here Kate Winslet is linked with eyelift/eyelid surgery and browlift. According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif Kate may have undergone blepharoplasty especially on the upper eyelids.

“In other photos, it looks like she has some more of her eyelids showing, which would be a sign of a possible upper blepharoplasty. Overall, she looks great.”

Expert’s words help us to see the possible works. We can see that her eyelids look different. Compared to hers in the past she has now more unnatural eyes appearance.

Kate Winslet Botox

Last but not least, Botox is another popular issue surrounding Kate Winslet’s face appearance. This issue is reasonable. Kate looks unnatural with her smooth, bright face skin. Her face is much different compared with it before the procedure.

Titanic‘s star has natural skin in the Before photo. But things seem different as she grows older. What do you think about Kate Winslet after the alleged plastic surgery? Does her appearance look bad for her 40 years age?

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