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Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery Before and After

We can’t deny that Katherine Heigl is a beautiful actress. She has natural beauty on her face and body. But wait, you may know it better, that Katherine Heigl plastic surgery rumor is widely spreading on the internet. Many online media suggest that Katherine Heigl may have had work done.

Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery

Katherine Heigl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Heighl doesn’t clearly admit plastic surgery anyway. But, some changes on her face features and on her body are enough to make people curious. Some people and plastic surgery experts seem to having similar voice about procedures she may have.

There are at least three procedures related to Katherine Heigl plastic surgery. Nose job, boob job and chin implant are considered as the secret behind Katherine alteration.

Actually we don’t have idea why nose job is on the list. Nose job is procedure that people strongly believe she underwent. Katherine Heigl before and after surgery pictures are used as the reference. However, you may not find significant change on Katherine’s nose.

Even so, some people are consistent on their believe, that nose job (Rhinoplasty) has changed her nose. Well, even if Katherine Heigl does have nose job, she must be underwent non-excessive procedure. Her nose specialist may have performed minor Rhinoplasty.

Beside nose, plastic surgery on Katherine Heigl’s face also involves her chin. Katherine may have had chin augmentation. She may have implanted it to get a new chin shape. Chin augmentation is known as a companion procedure to rhinoplasty (nose job). The combination of nose job and chin implants is usually intended to get a better balance of facial proportion.

Katherine Heigl Boob Job

Katherine Heigl Boob Job Before & After

And another notable change that we will not miss from Katherine Heigl plastic surgery is about her boobs. You knew it, that Katherine Heigl has big and sexy boobs. Who’s on earth can’t see that on Katherine Heigl chest?

However, those boobs weren’t that big in the past. Katherine Heigl has boob job. This breast augmentation is the secret to make her boobs to stay appear big, round and, sexy.

On Conan O’Brien show she admitted that she had flat chest when she was younger and prayed for big ones. And hooray! Her dream comes true. Katherine Heigl certainly looks sexier with her 32D bra size, doesn’t she?

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