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Kathleen Robertson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It’s not uncommon to hear of celebrities, big or small, going under the knife to enhance their appearance. Whether it’s a lift, tuck, or total reconstruction, it’s practically the norm now. Sometimes it’s not even true, but the topic is always relevant in Hollywood. From Nicki Minaj to Goldie Hawn to Mickey Rourke, plastic bodies seem to be the constant table talk. When we get down to facts and photos, it’s fairly common to see more bad results than good. Some might say that a successful plastic surgery should be hardly detectable. And we all know that the longer a celebrity stays in the limelight and under the knife, the fewer chances they have at debuting their “new look” with minimal controversy. Though Kathleen Robertson has endured some of this said controversy, she is the exception to the celebrity norm of “botched” procedures.


Early Years

Kathleen was born in Hamilton, Ontario on July 8, 1973. While growing up in Canada she got her first taste of entertainment as a local child star. Perhaps her drive to entertain was fueled by her schooling at the prestigious Hillfeld Strathallan College, a private school known for its academics and extensive arts program. She took acting lessons at the young age of ten and even appeared in local theater productions. Chances are this is where she found her passion for the silver screen. No matter what sparked her interest in acting, it set her off on quite a successful path.


The Big Break


In 1990, Kathleen got her first official role. She expertly played a character by the name of Tina Edison in Maniac Mansion, a short-lived sitcom produced by George Lucas. Just one year before the close of this beloved series, she found her place on the big screen. Blown Away was released in 1992 and from that small role she began to get offer after offer. She performed in a handful of popular television series, including Beverly Hills 90210 and Medium. Film roles also poured in: Nowhere, I Am Sam, Losing Control, and the classic parody movie Scary Movie 2 just to name a few. Another interesting character she played was the star of the television movie Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story. This movie portrayed the highly sensationalized Canadian murder case of Evelyn Dick.


Her other successes include six award nominations and a winning nomination in 2008. Kathleen won a Women’s Image Network Award for Outstanding Actress in the movie Tin Man. She has also tried her hand at producing. The Business, a television series airing from 2006 to 2007, was a clever comedy featuring some adult themes and witty writing, not to mention Kathleen herself in a key role.


Kathleen’s track record has been quite impressive thus far. She has shown her chops in the drama and comedy genres in both film and television. Surely she will provide us with more successful roles in the years to come as well. But as with all celebrities under the scrutiny of social media and constant press, there has been more discussion than just simply her body of work. From time to time the discussion has centered, frankly, on her body.


What’s Looks Got to Do with It?

Her successful and varied career has been peppered with discussions of her appearance. Magazines and online forums have for whatever reason chosen to ponder the subject of Kathleen Robertson. It is rumored that she too has gone in for a procedure or two to change her appearance. Though more subtle than many celebrity augmentations, it is clear to some when comparing photos that she may have undergone a nose job, or more technically a rhinoplasty, in the past.


A rhinoplasty, or operation to reshape the nose, may be done for several reasons. Though many are cosmetic, people often opt for this surgery to correct health issues such as sinus conditions or a deviated septum. We may never know the true motivation behind this actress’s choice, but if we keep the rumors in mind we can see several differences in the before and after photos. Kathleen’s photos from the early start of her career show a slightly wider nose with upturned nostrils. Today we see that the bridge of her nose is a bit thinner with more definition and symmetry, including nostrils that have been turned down a bit and a less bulbous tip. It’s hard to say that anyone would have found fault with her nose in older photos, but no matter what happened, it still suits her very well.


Photos also reveal a possible breast augmentation. It’s been years that we’ve seen Kathleen with her current endowment but again, a closer look at early photos may show a slight difference. It appears that her cup size has increased, which she has been confidently showing off at various events for some time now. However, she has always been rather well-endowed, even in her younger Beverly Hills 90210 days. It’s hard to discern for sure whether the change is due to implants, a lift, or a combination of both. No matter which, the end result is fantastic.


An End to the Rumors?


Clearly the results of her rumored plastic surgeries have been quite successful. If we were to measure the success based on controversy around this actress, the lack thereof of extra negative press indicates a job well done by her doctors and surgeons. No news is good news as many say. And though we have heard neither confirmation nor denial from Kathleen herself, it is safe to say that she is hugely successful and there are many other aspects of her character to occupy ourselves with. We may just never know exactly how many, if any, trips to the operating room she has taken. She was beautiful back in the day before she was a household name, and today at age 43 she remains just as beautiful, cosmetic surgeries or not.

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