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Kathryn Crosby Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kathryn Crosby Plastic Surgery Picture

Kathryn Crosby Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Ruining beauty is another specialty of some celebrities. Kathryn Crosby is certainly one of them. You don’t even need plastic surgery experts to judge extensive procedures on her. Kathryn Crosby plastic surgery is one of the worst. Former actress and singer whose stage names Kathryn Grant and Kathryn Grandstaff has gone too far playing with surgeon’s knife.

Before and after pictures of Crosby capture drastic, bad change on her face. Terrible change can be seen easily on her eyes area, lips, cheeks, face skin, or simply in every inch of her face.

Eyelift or eyelid surgery is procedure to explain cat-like eyes of Kathryn Crosby. She was beautiful with her former brow and eyelids. But that’s decades ago. As you can tell from the pictures, she went crazy with the procedure. Her eyes appear more than just unnatural, it would frighten many of us.

Filler injection may be good method to make her face stay in shape when sagging skin attacks. But it seems that Kathryn is a bit addicted with the filler. By examining her face change it’s clear that dermal fillers have been injected overly at least to her cheeks and chin. And these parts appear unnaturally fuller than before.

Beside filler, her injection procedure also had botox in the syringe. Botox injection and possible facelift are reasons behind her wrinkle-free face. Crosby’s age, 82, should have given wrinkles, frown and other aging lines here and there. But as we see, she doesn’t have those aging signs.

Kathryn Crosby Plastic Surgery

Kathryn Crosby Plastic Surgery Photo

On the contrary, she appears with flawless face. It is hard task to see crease or other aging marks on her. However, although the face-lift and botox erased the wrinkles it also made her face stiff. Kathryn Crosby’s face looks frozen with that ultra-smooth face skin.

Another surgical procedure may have also been performed on Kathryn’s lips. Her lips shape changes and it’s likely not caused by lips injection. Lip surgery could be reason that reshaped her upper and lower lips into weirder ones.

Kathryn Crosby plastic surgery is just another example of really bad celebrity plastic surgery. It is sad that she ages with bad result of plastic surgery.

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