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Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Katie Couric had plastic surgery? Many people are asking this question. Well, there is no clear statement from this experienced American journalist. But, you may have known it; many people are taking Katie Couric as one example of plastic surgery nightmares.

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

That assumption could be true. Katie Couric plastic surgery has changed her own face into (perhaps) worse one. Plastic surgery doesn’t seem to be a good friend for Katie Couric.

We can understand if Katie Couric, at her 58 years age, needs some effective ways to maintain her beauty. Moreover, she is working in front of millions viewers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to get the best of plastic surgery.

Virginia-born journalist is rumored with several procedures. Two possible procedures of Katie Couric plastic surgery are facelift and Botox injection. It is a popular combo in order to regain the youthful face.

The possibility of Katie Couric face-lift is reasonable. Some people even believe Katie Couric has taken this procedure a few years earlier, before even the rumor arose. Couric looked different with her before. It is especially her face appearance. It looked unnaturally stiff and frozen.

Some people assume that Katie Couric may have had mini-facelift. But even so, facelift has made her face much tighter. Her cheek pulled in a weird way, too. It creates bad smile on her.

Botox is another procedure she allegedly has. Botox has become two-edged sword. On one side Botox is effectively erasing aging signs on her, meanwhile on the other side Botox is also adding the unnatural impression. Katie Couric has undoubtedly flawless face skin.

Katie Couric Facelift

Katie Couric Facelift & Botox Picture

Actually there is nothing wrong with her smooth, wrinkle-free skin, unless, she is a 20 years younger woman. Katie Couric is nearly 60, folks. It does make sense many people then linked her with plastic surgeon knife. So, what do you think? Is Katie Couric face coming from good gene, or good (as well as bad) plastic surgery?

Katie Couric and some other journalists have just proven that plastic surgery can cover any professions. See journalists Nigella Lawson and Maria Shriver as other examples of female journalists with plastic surgery.

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