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Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Among celebrity nose jobs, Katie Holmes nose job is one of the most popular. Beside because she is a big star, significant change from Katie Holmes plastic surgery result has made people curious. It makes people wonder how Katie Holmes looks like before and after plastic surgery.

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Katie Holmes Nose Job Before & After

Many young photos of Katie Holmes show that she had bulbous nose. In the past, Holmes’ nose looked flatter and wider. That condition may have made Tom Cruise’s ex-spouse uncomfortable. It is strongly believed that Katie Holmes has asked surgeon’s help to fix her nose shape.

Even if Katie denies all plastic surgery pointed to her, the result of nose job is too obvious. She may have rhinoplasty done over her nose alteration. We all can see Katie Holmes’ new nose in many recent pictures of her. Nose bridge is part that seems get special work. It looks smaller yet firm.

Overall, Katie’s nose is much slimmer, smaller and more pointy. Good for her, the nose job is done properly. Katie Holmes looks more beautiful with her new nose.

Beside nose job, Katie Holmes is also said to get boob job. But unlike the result of the nose job, Katie Holmes boob job is rather hard to prove. But although this rumor is not ‘too clear’, many people still believe that this 37 years old American actress has had boob job done.

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