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Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Katie Price Breast Implants

Katie Price Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Picture

Plastic surgery is not a new thing for Katie Price. She has been playing with plastic surgery for decades. Story of Katie Price plastic surgery has been begun when she was about 19 years old. Following her popularity, 37-year-old English model and TV personality became addicted to plastic surgeon help.

Katie Price plastic surgery can’t be separated from her profession as a model. She needed some works here and there throughout her face and body. We can see plastic surgeon knife traces in her Before and After plastic surgery pictures easily. Her face and body parts have been modified.

Luckily, Katie ‘Jordan’ Price is open enough about procedures she took. Her Wikipedia page also wrote about it. Boob job, nose job, liposuction and lips injection are the most known procedures.

Plastic surgery pictures of her show her changes. Katie Price was reported to have had several boob jobs. Boobs job she underwent are including both breast augmentation and breast reduction. Price took her first breast enhancement via breast implants when she was 19. She successfully changed her small 32B to 32FF at that time. However, for some reasons, Katie then has her boobs reduced.

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The story of Katie Price’ boobs doesn’t stop there. As we can see in recent pictures, Katie Price have big, round and tight breasts. We may not know how many times she takes boobs job, but we can see the result of it easily. And, she looks happy with it.

Some people may be famous for creating a pencil sharpener. I’m famous for my tits.”

Katie Price Plastic Surgery

Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Well, Katie Price’s boobs may attract many eyes, but how about her face? After several excessive procedures, does she still win many hearts? She simply looks much more unnatural. Her lips are unnaturally plumper than it were and her face just looked frozen.

Luckily she didn’t ruin her face entirely. Let’s hope she stops her addiction to plastic surgery. She is just a few steps away from following Shannon Tweed and Alicia Douvall bad faces.

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