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Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kelly Rowland makes her plastic surgery reports clear by openly admitting it. No need to speculate about Kelly Rowland plastic surgery procedures, at least some of it. Kelly Rowland has admitted that she has had plastic surgery especially for boob job. But rumor of some other procedures such as nose job and butt implants are still out there without further clarification.

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before After Picture

Kelly Rowland admitted that she took her first breast augmentation when she was 28 years old, or about six years ago. And as she told Shape magazine, she actually planned to get breast implants a decade before the procedure.

“I wanted to get breast implants when I was 18, but my mom and Beyoncé’s mom told me to really think about it first. I took their advice and waited 10 years,” she said.

34 year-old Destiny’s Child member changed her B cup to bigger C cup. We can see surgeon’s work easily. Kelly Rowland’s Before and After plastic surgery picture shows significant breasts change. She had flat shape and small boobs in the past. Thanks to breast implants, Rowland chest looks more crowded today.

Her boobs look fuller and rounder than before. However she doesn’t seem to be addicted with big implants. Her boobs just suit her body measurement. Simply, new boobs of Kelly Rowland make herself to appear sexier.

We appreciate her honesty about her boob job. However, there are at least two procedures she leaves in silent. Kelly Rowland is rumored with nose job and butt implants. Nose job rumor is widely spreading on the internet.

Some believe that Kelly might have reshaped her nose with the help of nose specialist. The result of it is not too obvious, though. Kelly comparison photo shows slight nose change. She may have gotten minor rhinoplasty (nose job).

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Butt Implant

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery of Butt Implant Photo

Another rumor says that Kelly Rowland is also enhancing her backside with butt implants. Kelly Rowland butt augmentation report is hitting her recently. Unfortunately, Kelly Rowland butt implant is not as clear as her breast implants.

Unlike K Michelle who openly admits butt augmentation, Kelly Rowland doesn’t make clear statement about this plastic surgery procedure. However we can take her before and after picture as reference. We can see that Kelly used to have flatter butt. It’s different with hers today. It’s easy to see that Kelly Rowland has bigger one these days.

Do you see the same? Well, we hope she can make things clearer in the future. You may give your comment about Kelly Rowland plastic surgery in the comment box below.

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