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Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

Kim Basinger is a very well-known Hollywood actress, singer, and former model who is loved for her roles in movies like L.A. Confidential and Never Say Never Again. She has almost always been seen as one of the most beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry. When she was very younger, she even participated in beauty pageants, showing the good looks she has had her whole life. In this case, it would make sense she still looks fantastic now!

But of course, this only means that there are questions about whether or not she has had plastic surgery. This is a common question all celebrities tend to get at some point or another, and she and her daughter have both denied this claim.

However, I think we can all agree that she has had at least some form of plastic surgery done, especially when you compare her face from many years ago to know. Even now in her 60s, she looks rather young and has very great skin. Plastic surgery was denied by both herself and her daughter, although her daughter was more explicit about the denial in her tweet saying Kim Basinger hasn’t had any Botox or treatments done. Instead, both Kim and her daughter promote the idea that Kim is simply in good shape, good health, and takes good care of herself.

As you can tell, in spite of the fact that they have said it is due to her good genes and health, looking at pictures makes that difficult to believe. Even someone perfectly healthy would typically have many more wrinkles by the time they are in their 60s. Some have even noticed a slight change in face shape, lending to the fact that this isn’t simply a case of god skin. So here are a few of the theories and rumors as to what Basinger has potentially had done.

Has Kim Basinger Had Botox

One of the many reasons people continue to believe Kim Basinger has gotten some type of plastic surgery done is how wrinkle-free and flawless her face continues to look in spite of her age. Looking at pictures from twenty years ago compared to now, you see very little face change. This suggests that she has had Botox done. This isn’t especially shocking, particularly with how common it is for female actresses and stars to get Botox done now.

If she has in fact done Botox, she had a perfect amount of work done. Many actors and musicians that get plastic surgery done have a tendency to get it overdone until their face is practically still or get addicted to varies types of procedures. As there is debate about how much of her smooth face is due to her genes and how much can be due to plastic surgery, she has had the perfect amount of work done where it isn’t overtly obvious at first glance.

A closer look at her face shows show perfectly smooth it still is after so many years. This is especially true when you look at her jawline and don’t see any sign of wrinkles or aging there. She may have had injections around her neck and jawline, as well as other areas of her face, in order to really keep her face looking young. However, there is another option if it isn’t Botox that she uses.

Face Filler

Face fillers are a common cosmetic surgery done to help maintain features in your cheeks, chin, and forehead. It helps fill out the areas so they aren’t wrinkled and sagged due to your age. It is what people use to maintain their larger cheeks or to prevent unseemly forehead wrinkles, among other things.

Kim Basinger has told The Daily Mail that she uses collagen creams. This cream works similarly to other fillers by erasing age lines through plumping particular areas on your face, except it doesn’t need to be injected into your skin. The cream you simply rub on to help your skin produce more collagen, which is what keeps your skin wrinkle-free in the first place! It’s unclear, however, whether this cream is a type of professional medical treatment she gets done or if the cream is from a brand like L’Oreal.

And so, in spite of Kim’s words, some still think she may have injected fillers like Juverderm or even had collagen injected into her skin. Some still don’t believe in these creams actually work and that they are just a hoax to make you feel the need to spend more money. Others think it could help over time to help prompt your skin to produce more of something it already has in it – it just has lower levels than it used to. But even more importantly, some don’t believe Kim because of how prominent some of her features look now compared to when she was younger, especially her cheeks. These prominent features seem so prominent now that it almost seems as if she got fillers done to change her face shape to better suit the typically beautiful face model.

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Picture

Kim Basinger Botox, Filler Picture

Face Lift

Another option considered by some is that she has had a face lift done. Looking back on older pictures of her, you can almost see how tight and smooth her face continues to be, showing some work or treatment must have been had. However, some have noticed that her eyebrows appear to have been lifted.

Having a face lift done would also lend itself to her lack of aging around her neck and jawline as well. It could also be why her skin seems somewhat unnaturally smooth and youthful these days. Even when she was younger, her skin did not appear to be this tight, although it has always been very smooth looking.

Do you think her eyebrows have been lifted, or do you think it was just the particular pictures they looked at? To me, they look more sculpted or like they were plucked to look that way. But it still remains a possibility.

Nose Job

Another rumor floating around about Kim Basinger is that she had a nose job done! There isn’t a significant change between now and older pictures of her, even when she was far younger, but you can see the slightest changes in her nose shape. Her nose now looks just a bit thinner than it used to, with the end of her nose maybe being a bit more prominent than it used to be.

This isn’t the most common out of all the theories due to how slight this change is and how minor the nose job, if it truly is one, looks. The other features of her face tend to stand out far more and are what people really look at and focus on when wondering if she has undergone any cosmetic treatments or procedures.

But if she has, I think we can all agree that it is so subtle that it has no negative impact on how her face genuinely appears. The shape is still suited to her face and looks natural – even if the rumors say that it is not natural any longer. This can be said of all the potential treatments she has had done – it still looks natural and it isn’t shocking to see her before and after pictures, as it can be with celebrities who had gotten addicted to plastic surgery or who desperately tried to fix a bad surgery.


I think we can all agree, even after this article, that Kim Basinger still looks young and naturally beautiful, whether or not she has had any actual procedures done. Basinger maintains that she has not had any procedures done in spite of being seen coming out of a Beverley Hills medical clinic several years ago. She and her daughter say she simply stays out of the sun a lot, eats healthy food, and exercises. This is good advice for everyone to try to follow in their lives as it does a lot of good for your body and looks in general, especially as you age!

But, even with fantastic health, but your 60s you are more than likely to have at least some wrinkles or signs of aging on your face. Meanwhile, Kim seems permanently stuck at age 40 with her current youthful looks. Are we simply missing out on a fantastic skincare routine or has her genetic code allowed her to look much younger for much longer than the rest of the population?

There are truly so many theories and potential treatments and procedures – both medical and simply normal daily treatments, like the collagen cream – that it may be impossible to ever know if Kim has had any work done. It’s obvious by now that, even if she has had work done, no information will be shared with us.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Kim Basinger has undergone any types of procedures? Or do you think she simply got lucky and keeps herself amazingly health to continue looking young into her 60s? Let us know below and tell us what you think she may have gotten done!


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