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Kim delaney’s before and after plastic surgery photos

Introducing Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney has made a huge name for herself as a famous Hollywood actress. She has starred in various American TV shows, including NYPD Blue, along with other police dramas and family shows. Her forays into film have also been very popular, such as her role in Some Kind of Wonderful. She quickly made a name for herself and has continued to grace our screens, with a wide network of fans supporting her every move.

Born in the early 60s, Kim has always maintained a look of glamor and sophistication. We can’t help but wonder if this maintenance is purely natural or if she has had a helping hand, however. As with every other celeb out there, rumors are circulating that she has undergone plastic surgery in order to keep her striking looks. Kim is loved all over the world for her acting talent and vibrant personality, as well as being admired for her good looks, so we are very interested to know what has driven her to such drastic measures…

Rumor Has It…

It is believed that Kim Delaney has succumbed to the surgeon’s knife, as so many Hollywood starlets and WAGs the world over have done before her. Fans and critics alike are suspicious of her youthful appearance and attribute it to plastic surgery.

There can be many reasons for a change in appearance over time, or course, with some celebs citing hormones, supplements and yoga! Naturally, the ageing process happens to us all in different ways, but surgery can be a great way to reverse the effects of time. There are many options with cosmetic surgery, the most popular being: Botox, breast augmentations, lip fillers and liposuction.

Whilst some celebs seem to opt for ‘package deal’ surgery – getting a combination of procedures done in a short space of time – Kim seems to have gone for only one: lip augmentation!

Lip Service

Lip augmentation does exactly what it says on the tin – it increases the size of the lips, keeping them natural to the individual’s genetic facial structure while leaving them fuller and plumper. Lips play a large role in the ageing process, with thin lips indicating older age, and bigger lips representing youth. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why so many women opt for lip augmentations!

And it appears that Delaney is no different – before and after photos of the Hollywood star suggest that her lips have gotten bigger over time. This is believed to be due to collagen injections rather than a helping hand from Mother Nature.

Bigger Is Better

We have always loved Kim’s look – timeless elegance mixed in with a fun, excitable personality. To us, Kim’s mouth does seem to have been surgically plumped up, but we still think she looks great! Some of her fans are unimpressed, however, stating that her new lips have left her with a ‘duck-like’ appearance rather than the youthful glow she was probably hoping for.

Whilst we disagree, we are aware that many other celebs have been left looking worse off due to surgical procedures. Lip augmentations can be fantastic, but there is simply too much proof of how badly wrong they can go for us to be tempted into it!

The collagen injections involved in lip augmentations are meant to plump up the lips and leave them looking fuller, but this can go wrong and lead to the ‘duck’ effect – the top lip can end up being larger and looming over the bottom lip like a beak! Luckily for Kim, she looks great and her lips look natural on her face.

Your Body; Your Choice!

Regardless of what work Kim may or may not have had done, we think that she looks wonderful. Famous or not, we firmly believe that you should make your own decisions about how your body looks and what steps you take to achieve your ideal look. As long as you’re staying healthy, do what you need to do in order to feel good about yourself!

For some, dieting and hard work in the gym can be a great way to improve self-confidence. Others turn to make-up and hair dye to alter their appearance. And for a select few among us, mainly celebrities or those with sufficient funds, cosmetic surgery can be a great way to increase an individual’s confidence in themselves and their appearance. So who are we to judge?

Under Wraps

What’s interesting in this case of ‘before and after’ is that Delaney and her ‘people’ have neither confirmed nor denied the surgery rumors. We’re wondering why she isn’t being more open about it – after all, there is no shame in a little bit of self-improvement, whatever form it takes!

Living your life in the public eye must be horrendous, and we can’t imagine the effects it can have on your self-confidence – it’s hard enough in the ‘real world’ sometimes to feel good about yourself. So it should come as little surprise that Delaney may have taken extra steps to feel more comfortable with herself and her appearance in the form of cosmetic surgery. If it’s true, of course…

Stay Wonderful

So, regardless of how her appearance has come to be so different, we are still big fans of Delaney. Of course, the rumors and speculation will not end until she tells the world what she has or hasn’t done to look the way she does, but we support her either way.

She wouldn’t be the first Hollywood star to succumb to cosmetic surgery, and she certainly won’t be the last. Surgery may seem like a drastic step but for many it can be the only way to feel confident. Some people go through cosmetic or plastic surgery to correct birth abnormalities, others use it as a way to deal with the after-effects of burns, accidents and medical conditions and, for some, it is purely for aesthetic purposes. Either way, if you think that cosmetic surgery will help your confidence levels and let you live your life to the fullest, why not go for it?

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