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La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

La Toya Jackson is an example of plastic surgery gone wrong. Michael Jackson’s sister has several procedures that make her face looks worse than before. What does Toya have? As many online media report La Toya Jackson plastic surgery involves procedures nose job, chin implants, cheek implants and lips injection. Those procedures are responsible for the bad look of La Toya.

Nose job result is the easiest to see. Nose surgery has definitely ruined her face appearance. It’s likely that La Toya has asked for help of same nose surgeon with Michael Jackson. They have similar (bad) nose shape after plastic surgery. La Toya Jackson Before and After plastic surgery picture can help us to see the fact. La Toya must have undergone excessive nose job (Rhinoplasty).

Bad plastic surgery is also showed by implants in her cheek and chin. We can see it, implanted chin of her is more protruding compared to it in the past. La Toya had wider chin shape before. And her chin looks different after implant reshaped it. Well, it depends on your opinion, will you say La Toya’s chin is better, or worse than before?

Implant, however, also transformed La Toya cheek shape. It’s true that her cheeks look firm. However, La Toya Jackson also looks unnatural with her recent cheek shape. La Toya could get better than that. Although it doesn’t turn her bad plastic surgery into the worst one but her cheek is bad enough.

La Toya Jackson Bad Plastic Surgery

La Toya Jackson Bad Plastic Surgery Photo

La Toya Jackson’s plastic surgery pictures also show differences on her lips. She used to have natural lips shape. Her lips looked nice without doctor’s intervention. Toy then surprised us with slight different lips. Her lips, both upper and lower are fuller than before. It’s clear sign of filler in it. But unlike the nose job, La Toya Jackson didn’t go too far with lips augmentation. Do you think new lips of La Toya make her to look sexier?

We may not know her exact  feeling about her plastic surgery result. But we can see that La Toya’s face is not as good it in the past. You may have something to say about La Toya Jackson’s plastic surgery, or you may want to see another ‘plastic’ nose and cheek on Kerry Washington.

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