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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Boob Job

Lady Monster as she is fondly called by her ever-supportive fans has risen to be an exceptionally great wonder to behold in the recent years. Her amazing display on stage, charisma and ability to win admirers quickly to her side are unique talents she possesses that have not ceased to amuse her ever-increasing fans. Coupled with her great talent, Lady Gaga wears unusually strange outfit, which always draw controversial opinions from different people.

Her laudable achievements and career success notwithstanding, Lady Gaga was confronted with a number of contentious issues and one of which is her controversial plastic surgery which stems up very recently. This visible facial and body transformation ignited several questions in curious minds asking if Lady Gaga has truly forgotten or totally deviated from her claim of no interest in plastic surgery, which she preached in her “Born This Way”.

She clearly made one of such claims during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2011 that, “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than artistic expression related to body modification.” Does that mean, fame and desires to look younger and fresher in time has made her to embrace the procedure she once holds to induce “insecurity”?

Lady Gaga and Her Love for Tattooslady gaga tattooes

Lady Gaga has unusual love for tattoos and this could be seen in how she inscribed different tattoo designs on selected parts of her body. Because of the special meaning Lady Gaga’s tattoos hold to her and her great respect for her father, she has the tattoos designed on the left side of her body with the right side untouched.

In her words while explaining the reason she has her tattoo on the left side of her body, she said of her father: “He asked me that I remain on one side, slightly normal. So I only have my tattoos on my left side. I think he sees (my right) as my Merilyn munroe side, and he sees (my left) as my Iggy Pop side.”

Because, tattoo is not considered as plastic surgery, Lady Gaga is proud enough to show case her uniquely designed tattoos because she considers them as natural body modification, which does not object her self-acceptance philosophy.

In total, lady Gaga has about 14 tattoos which include the treble clef at the center of her lower back, flowers on her hip, a German quote on her arm and a unicorn on her thigh.

The Speculations about Her Plastic Surgery

The New York born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Now Lady Gaga) and Golden Globe Award winner has a lot changed about her look now. It’s still a puzzle as to why a young, pretty and promising lady like her has to opt for plastic surgery having risen to stardom. As a matter of fact, lots of alterations have been performed on her body. A close look to her before and after pictures will tell you that Lady Monster has actually changed. She was said to have had procedures such as Nose job, Botox, Facelift, Lips and Hip Augmentation and Boob job. But the super star has not come up openly to admit these speculations yet.

Could It Be In Preparation For Her Wedding?

Sources unveiled that lady Gaga is planning to undergo cool laser therapy which burns fat to make her look much more beautiful and great for her wedding. It was also had that, she is considering liposuction as a way of speeding up the process of getting rid of the fats fast so as for her to look slimmer, sexy and perfect for that day.

Perhaps due to her weight swings in the recent time, according to a source, her breasts have become saggy and out of tight-rounded shape, she considers boobs job. Though, it was claimed that her fiancé doesn’t like fake breast, the question as to what could be her major motivation for opting for such procedures stands as point of concern for her concerned fans.

Irrespective of different opinions different people hold about her facial and body transformation, the underlying fact is, Lady Gaga wants to look great, younger and sexy as a bride and to always cherish her wedding photo shoots so much more in the years ahead.

Lady Gaga and Nose JobLady-Gaga-Plastic-Surgery-Nose-Job

Huge lots of sources have submitted that Lady Gaga has had clear-cut changes in the structure and arrangement of her nose. Few years ago, her nose was much bigger, broader and rounded but now, many say her nose is entirely different, narrower and shorter. This seems to have brought about a decrease in the size of her nostrils, her Nose Bridge is now narrower and as a result, her nose does not occupy so much of her face as before.

Though Gaga claims she has never had plastic surgery, opinions from insiders, friends and lovers and her recent pictures suggested differently that the nose of the former Stefani when she was a high school student, when she just started her music career in 2005 and had a Katy Perry-meets-Ashlee-Simpson thing going on at BMI event is entirely different from the Lady Gaga nasal talented star of today. The former has big bump in the middle but the latter has no bump; just smooth and straight.

Others also opined that her nose got transformed as a result of her fame, which made her go for new structure. Irrespective of diverse claims however, the point remain that Lady Monster has changed from who she used to be structurally.

The procedure used for nose job is simply called Rhinoplasty; which helps to reconstruct the form, restore the functions and at the same time aesthetically enhance the nose to suit the desire of the folk’s facial harmony. Rhinoplasty helps to remove bumps by scraping the cartilage down in the middle of the nose and gives it a smoother and well-shaped figure.

Non-surgical rhinoplastic procedures could also be adopted which carried out by injecting fillers in certain areas of the nose to change its shape and appearance to the figure individual to see.

According to Brendan Jay Sullivan, Lady Gaga’s former friend and author of the book: “Rivington Was Ours: The Lower East Side, Lady Gaga, and The Prime of Our Lives” that Lady Gaga has already declared her intention out of desperation to change her appearance far before now. That what we now see is just a physical expression of long predetermined intentions.

Carefully follow these remarkable statements spoken by Lady Gaga in the early days of her career as reported by Sullivan, “I’m getting a nose job. It’s holding me back”, Sullivan reported that Gaga made the statement by heart. Gaga continues, “Do you think I’d be songwriting this long if I looked like the girls you date? … It’s slipping away from me;” Sullivan, in his words remarked that she held her ground that she wanted a “titty lift” too. “No one will know. No one has heard of me. You won’t even be able to tell. But I will.” The author claimed.

Whether Sullivan is trying to tarnish his old friend’s image having risen to stardom or saying the actual truth, I can’t say. But the fact remains that they’ve been together before and he knows exactly what she’s capable of.

What about Botox and Facelift?lady-gaga-plastic-surgery-botox

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the Lady Gaga did adjustment of her facial loom by using Botox and Facelift. These two procedures are common placed with American and Hollywood stars where your facial look can serve as your selling point. So, the former Stefani’s case could not be an exception.

It is also worthy of note that Lady Gaga is just in her 29. Meaning she’s still very young, active and filled with energy and vibes. This has been the points of defense her strong supporters and allies are holding on to disprove all claims that she attempted Botox and Facelift.

However, if adequate cares, proper body management and appropriate measures are put in place by a lady of that age range, it shouldn’t be expected of her to have developed much noticeable wrinkled face.

Series of speculations have been raised concerning her using Botox and Facelift to keep wrinkles away and keep her face constantly smooth. Some folks remarked that her face looks a bit stiff and her forehead looks silky smooth which served as the basis for them to hold on to the claim that she used Botox, making it too smooth and unusually fresh with no skin lines whatsoever.

Dr. Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon based in New York City reported that, “It looks like Gaga has had too much Botox on her forehead, causing a slight droop of her right eyebrow and eyelid” He further asserted that it also appears the American Horror Story actress has had fillers injected into her smile lines, lips and nose – in order to thin out its appearance.

Did Lady Gaga Actually Augment Her Lips?lady gaga lip

Lady Gaga’s new look affected virtually most of her body structures. One of the structures that also generated controversy was her lip. Like other celebrities who find confidence and sense of value in filling up their lips, Lady Gaga was also said to have undergone lips augmentation due to the change that could be noticed in her lips area, which looks thicker and juicy than before.

While some of her allies argued that there is no sign of lips augmentation noticed in Lady Gaga, and claiming that she appeared slightly with puffed up lips which might be due to inordinate and clever use of lipstick and makeup and also stating that, some makeups by design and effect on human lips can change the shape of the lips and make it unusually big and exaggerated, that doesn’t rule out the fact that her lips now look luscious and full.

To verify this yourself, try to look at her recent pictures much more closely and you will notice the change. So, the lips augmentation is not impossible.

Lady Gaga Hip AugmentationLady-Gaga-Plastic-surgery-Hips

In her picture during the Golden Globes award, a closer look will tell you that the hip of Lady Gaga is not natural. She had done a hip surgery in order for her to have sexy curves and amazing figure altogether.

We could say, though from the inception of her career she has been preaching “Self Acceptance” and confidence in one’s natural beauty, but it is visible to the blind that she is doing exactly the opposite of what she blows to the world.

Though Lady Gaga has got beautifully amazing curves from the inception of her career, but the hip that we see now could only be a product of plastic surgery.

Doing hip surgery or any other plastic surgery for that matter is not the issue, but inability to take responsibility for it and confronting issues around it is the main issue. And that seems to be the major issue lady Gaga is not ready to confront.

Lady Gaga and Boobs Job ClaimsLady-Gaga-Plastic-surgery-Breast-Implants

The next in line to the controversy of Lady Gaga’s new look that was speculated to have emerged as a result of plastic surgery is the structure and size of her breast. Her boobs were reported to be bigger and rounder now compared to the former, which has started dropping. The considerable increase in size and shape of her boobs is not natural and could only be a result of plastic surgery.

Though, Lovers and fans claimed that her boobs are good-sized and natural with no artificial augmentation, but her picture during the Golden Globes Award where she was braless shows her boobs to stand intact and rounded. This could only be a product of surgery according to another school of thoughts.

Irrespective of the opinion you hold about the lady Super Star –whether you think she had plastic surgery or not, the fact remains that, most Americans Hollywood stars and celebrities cherish the shape and size of their cleavages such that they could do anything to keep it constantly in shape. They prefer to go out every day braless while their boobs stand erect and display their beauty and “sexiness”

As a matter of fact, It’s not impossible for lady Gaga to do Boobs job in order to be in shape and to constantly show case her beauty and at the same time satisfy her ever expectant fans.

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