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Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before After Nose Job Pictures

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Beside her albums, Lady Gaga plastic surgery is another interesting thing to listen. Compared to her in several years ago, Lady Gaga undoubtedly looks more different. Her ‘Poker Face’ couldn’t hide somewhat unnatural stiff, tight face of her. Lady Gaga never admits her plastic surgery, but do you need her confession?

Lady Gaga Nose Job

Nose job is the most possible known procedure of Gaga’s plastic surgery. Her Before and After plastic surgery pictures show significant nose change. Bump clearly sat on her nose when she was young. Anyone thinking aging could remove nose bump?

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) sounds more convincing. The surgery seemed to have reshaped her nose effectively. It simply gave a better, slimmer shape to her nose. Lady Gaga must be proud of her nose specialist work.

Lady Gaga Botox

When Lady Gaga plastic surgery issue first surfaced, Botox was not as popular as the nose job. Sign of botox existence was not too obvious. But as you can tell from her recent photo, her face is too flawless to be true.

You may think, her makeup and her age, 30, could play role in creating wrinkles-free skin on her face. But we can’t help, many think her face is too unnatural, and she appears with that kind of state often.

Botox may have “killed” muscles in her face skin, makes it hard to move. Porcelain-like face skin makes Lady Gaga loses her natural expression.

Lady Gaga Breast Augmentation

From Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga, it seems that boob job is for every female singer. And Lady Gaga did less for more. She removed bump from her nose and she added more volume to her boobs. Lady Gaga boob job is as popular as her nose job.

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery Picture

Lady Gaga Before and After Boob Job

Lady Gaga before and after picture explains it why. She had had far flatter chest compared to hers today. Considering her former small boobs we could understand why she needed bigger ones. What do you think about Lady Gaga breast enhancement? Does she look sexier with her new boobs?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or we know her as Lady Gaga may have successfully cut out the unwanted part and add some desired injection and volume here and there. But do you agree if Lady Gaga plastic surgery makes herself to look more unnatural?

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