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Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Plastic surgery is a close friend of Lana Del Rey. Del Rey appearance looks different that makes many people believe she has had work done. There are two plastic surgery procedures linked with Lana’s face features. You may have heard it that lips augmentation and nose job are the associated procedures of 30-year-old American singer surgery.

Lana Del Rey plastic surgery sparked when she appeared with different lips a few years ago. Her lips were fuller and bigger than before. Those plumping lips, however, stay in shape to date. This simply makes Lana Del Rey plastic surgery as hot as her songs these days.

Many people are questioning the truth behind Lana’s lips change. And as many think, lips augmentation via lips filler injection is the most possible procedure she underwent. Even without her confession the change on her lips are too unnatural to be said as natural ones. Those lips changed significantly.

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Judging Lana Del Rey Before and After plastic surgery we may say that she has taken lips injection a bit too much. It’s clear that the injections have been performed on both her upper and lower lips. She used to have thinner lips. It suited her face. Well, volume addition in her lips changes the story of her lips. Many people don’t seem happy with. Many people are slamming her ‘fake’ lips.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Picture

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

Beside lips, nose is another part of Del Rey’s face that is linked with plastic surgeon’s knife. It is widely reported that Lana Del Rey has had nose job done. Though this nose job might be true but it is not as obvious as her lips augmentation. From her comparison photo you might say that the nose job left slight, subtle change. Minor Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) could be reason behind it.

However, it’s happy to see Lana Del Rey didn’t go crazy with this nose alteration. While Lana Del Rey’ lips are ‘too big’ to be true, nose job does help her. Overall, Lana can’t hide her trout pout but at least she doesn’t botch her face on plastic surgeon’s table. Let’s hope she won’t.


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