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Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Rumors? Plastic Surgery Before and After photos- Lark Voorhies

Many of you may remember Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell in which she played Lisa Turtle in 1989.

But this was not the start of her rise to fame. In fact, her acting career actually began when she was 11 and made an appearance on Small Wonder. Later, she scored roles in Good Morning, Miss Bliss in 1987, Saved by the Bell in 1989, How to be a Player in 1997, Fire and Ice in 2001, and How High in 2001. Lark has even had the honor of being nominated four times for the Young Artist Award from 1989-1993. Because of her AMAZING performance in Saved by the Bell, Lark won the Young Artist of the Year Award twice. Other than acting, Lark Voorhies has also been very active in writing and music.

Lark Voorhies’ absence from the public eye has been pretty obvious, but, when asked about this issue, her mother stated that the reason for her absence was due to some mental issues Lark was dealing with. However, Lark did make the occasional public appearance, but when she did, she was being talked about for all the wrong reasons. After so much time away from the limelight, Lark’s looks are what caught everyone’s attention. She used to be this teenage girl who was so charming that she won everyone’s heart. Now, she looked so much worse than would have at 40 if she had let herself age naturally.

Looking at Lark now, you can see the effects of a variety of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that were very noticeable on her face.

Lark continues to be best known for the years she spent playing spoilt, fashion-obsessed Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell. She will always be loved as part of the group of six that also included Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen), Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez), Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley), and Screech (Dustin Diamond).

Following the end of Saved by the Bell, many of the cast members moved on to have great careers in television (Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen), and as a host on an entertainment series (Mario Lopez). However, Lark Voorhies seemed to completely disappear.

From the looks of things, it’s quite possible (and easy to suspect) that Lark Voorhies has undergone botox, eyelid surgery, filler injections, and a rhinoplasty. For those of you who are unfamiliar with plastic surgery lingo, a rhinoplasty is more commonly known as a “nose job”.

Unfortunately, the changes are not positive for the actress. In her youth, she was vibrant and beautiful. As Lisa Turtle, she was chased by many teenage boys, both on screen and off. The most memorable boy who desired her was Screech on Saved by the Bell.

Today, Lark appears fake and unnatural. She looks older than her 41 years and many are wondering what happened to the beautiful, energetic, vibrant actress they knew and loved.

Rumors about her plastic surgery and mental health have been swirling for months.

Lark has responded to the plastic surgery rumors saying that the cause of her dramatic appearance changes is due to her eight-year battle with lupus. Diagnosed in 2007, Lark claims she has to use heavy make-up to cover up what is called butterfly rashes.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system makes the mistake of attacking healthy tissue in various parts of the body. A red rash on the face is very common. Other symptoms include swollen and painful joints, fever, chest pain, mouth ulcers, hair loss and swollen lymph nodes. It can also leave one feeling extremely tired. There is no cure for lupus and life expectancy for those with the disease is lower than the average.

After a series of videos went viral, with Lark showing odd behavior including rambling and then suddenly going vacant and staring into space, many wondered if the former teen star was on drugs. Lark’s mother stepped in and told People magazine that her daughter was not on drugs, but was suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

Lark adamantly denies being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and claimed her mother was being “over-loving” when she said that. At the time, Lark claimed she was not sick and did not have a mental illness.

Whatever the reason for the change in her appearance, there is no denying that Lark Voorhies looks very different and very unnatural. For fans, the change has been hard to witness and reconcile with the pretty, popular Lisa Turtle they knew in the nineties.

It’s completely understandable that Lark would want a few Botox injections, seeing as the early 40s is a high time for many Hollywood celebrities to start worrying about keeping up their youthful appearance. However, it seems that Lark just went overboard with the rest of her cosmetic surgeries. While there are cases of plastic surgery that turn out well, Lark was unfortunately left looking very fake.

In some of her recent pictures, we can definitely appreciate her wrinkle free skin, but if you look closely at the skin around her eyes, it looks just a tad too strained. This highly suggests an eye lift as well as a face lift. People also noticed a bit of bloating around her face that is caused by an excess of fillers. This would give her face the appearance of being unnecessarily stretched

Those weren’t the only cosmetic procedures that stood out to many people. It looked as though she even went as far to lighten her beautifully natural dark complexion. In one of her more recent photos shows a very distinct difference between the naturally dusky skin tone she had in her youth compared to the much lighter skin she has now.

It is also highly believed that Lark had a rhinoplasty done to give her a more distinguished nose. In many of the before and after photos, Voorhies’ nose tip is much more defined now. While some may chalk this up to basic make up contouring, others have noticed that her nostrils are noticeably smaller. I’m no make-up artist, but I don’t think you can contour those.

While Lark may have had some work done, it is also quite possible that some of these things can be chalked up to contouring, lighting, and make-up in general. For example, Lark’s skin tone could be a lot of lighter due to the type of lighting washing out her skin or make up that is too light for her. Some other strange looks could be the effects of lupus and bipolar disorders which she suffers from.

It’s safe to say that her decision to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery procedures before she actually needed them has only made her look even more unnatural. While we may not ever know exactly how much work she’s had done, we can honestly say that she’s doesn’t need to have more work done. Lark Voorhies is a beautiful and charming person, with or without her bipolar and lupus disorders, and she doesn’t need to cover up nature with cosmetic plastic surgery. We wish Lark all the best in her future and we hope that she, and all of you, embraces her natural beauty.

Lark recently took to her Instagram account to share a letter to “lupus”. She stated that the disease had stolen her health, livelihood, and self-confidence. She goes on to say that she refuses to let the illness take over her life and that she will continue to fight her personal war against it. She also addressed the rumors regarding her mental health, again denying any mental illness.

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