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Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Botox

Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery

Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Laura Prepon plastic surgery is clear enough. Her face is getting weirder day by day. Actress who portrayed Donna Pinciotti in That ’70s Show is now unrecognizable. She looks different due to some procedures she has taken. Laura Prepon’s face shows obvious sign of overdone facelift and botox. Nose job, as many think, is also another possible procedure.

Laura Prepon’s Before and After plastic surgery pictures help us to see her face change. She was naturally beautiful when she was young. Her skin color and structure matched her face well.

Sadly, her skin drastically changes in the After picture. It is much stiffer and frozen. Laura seemed to have gone too far with face-lifting. The procedure pulled her face overly and affected her forehead, cheek and eyes looks.

If facelift was aimed to get tighter face skin, she may have succeed. But facelift tightened her face in unnatural way, made Laura Prepon to appear unusual.

Botox may have done good work in erasing her aging signs. No wrinkles, frown and creases appear on her face. But again, Laura seemed to have injected the Botox too much.

Botox simply adds her face unnaturalness. Her face appears as if it is made of porcelain. It is flawless yet stiff. Some of us may disappointed about her facelift and Botox decision. Laura Prepon is 36 years old. Her age should not make her worry about aging. More importantly, she should not have to be addicted if she can’t resist temptation of plastic surgery. What do you think?

Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Picture

Laura Prepon Facelift, Nose Job Photo

Laura Prepon plastic surgery is not only for face skin rejuvenation. Her nose is linked with nose job. Many think that Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) has reshaped her nose.

Although Prepon’s nose change is not as obvious as her face skin transformation but it is easy to see. She had bit bigger nose wing compared to hers today.

Nose surgery has resized it, made it slimmer and better. Laura Prepon may have learnt from her overdone facelift. Minor work on Laura’s nose at least shows us that she didn’t go crazy with it. What do you think about overall result of Laura Prepon plastic surgery?

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