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Lea Thompson Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox

Just by looking at Lea Thompson face we could easily say that she has had plastic surgery there. Lea Thompson face looks unnatural. People believe that 54-year-old American actress has definitely visited plastic surgeon office. Even if she denies it, it won’t stop Lea Thompson plastic surgery reports on the internet.

Lea Thompson Facelift, Botox

Lea Thompson Facelift & Botox Before After Picture

Lea Thompson Before and After surgery picture above is just another proof of her unnatural look these days. Let’s first erase our memory about her classic beauty in the past. Thompson’s face is far unnatural compared to it in the past. It looks so stiff and rigid.

Many believe that Lea Thompson plastic surgery involves at least procedures facelift and Botox injection. It does make sense since these procedures are very popular among celebrity plastic surgeries. However, Lea Thompson is a bit addicted to the popular combo of facelift and Botox.

As a result, overdone facelift has made Lea’s face pulled unnaturally. Instead of makes her to appear better, facelift gives her unusual look. Facelift may help her to tighten her face and makes her skin to look younger, but Lea Thompson can’t hide her overdone facelift. Considering Lea Thompson facelift result we may say that her plastic surgeon has performed full face-lift procedure.

Botox is another plastic surgery she allegedly has. This non-surgical procedure is the possible reason over her smooth and wrinkle-free face. Lea Thompson is certainly younger than her actual age. Aging signs such as frown and wrinkles are almost completely disappear.

Lea Thompson Plastic Surgery

Lea Thompson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

It may be good for her. Many women (if not all) want youthful face. Even though Botox successfully erases her aging signs, but we can also see that her face sometimes appears too smooth. It makes her to lose her natural smile and expression. What do you think about Lea Thompson plastic surgery? Is she successful with her beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife?

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