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Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Some changes on Leah Miller made people linked her with plastic surgery. Leah in some interviews denied that she has had plastic surgery. However, Miller looks more different day by day. Her appearance is just like convincing people that Leah Miller plastic surgery is a true story.

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

There are some parts of her face and body that changing significantly. As some people believe that Leah Miller may have had procedures facelift, Botox, cheek filler, lips augmentation and boob job. The results of those procedures are clear. Even without her confession, it’s easy to say that her appearance is much unnatural which is probably as a result of plastic surgery.

Combination of face-lift and botox is said as the procedure that responsible for Leah Miller face change. Facelift makes her face pulled in unnatural way. It affects her eyes appearance at the same time. And Botox comes to rejuvenate her face skin. Leah Miller’s face looks smooth and flawless. We also see that her face is more shiny. For this, some source told that Leah Miller has addicted with laser peel.

Dallas Green’s wife has also puffier cheek compared to her before. Volume addition is also happening on her lips. It’s hard to say that such changes come from weight gain. From what other celebrities have experienced, such cheeks and lips changes are mainly caused by fillers.

Cheek implant, however, is another common procedure among celebrity plastic surgery. But, by examining Leah Miller Before and After plastic surgery pictures, it’s likely that she has had fillers in her cheeks. It’s like what happens to her lips.

We see it, Miller’s lips are fuller than before. She certainly looked more natural with her thin lips in the past. But Leah changes her gene. Lips augmentation via lips fillers is the best procedure to describe her lips change. Well, will you call her new lips are sexy ones?

Beside procedures on face, Miller has also possibly taken boob job. The result of her breast augmentation is easy to see. Her big and round boobs are definitely different with hers before. Her boobs appearance suggests the possibility of breast implants in it.

Leah Miller Boob Job

Leah Miller Boob Job Before & After Photo

Leah Miller has actually gotten many criticisms on the internet. Beside related to her personal life with her husband, it is also about her plastic surgery. Leah once denied plastic surgery rumor. She insisted that she is not fake.

“I’m a very honest person, I’m not fake, and if I feel something I’ll say it. I just find that most people aren’t like that, but I wish they would be. It’s like, if you have those things to say, come say it to my face next time and we’ll have a conversation about it!

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