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LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery has spread since a few years ago. And Rimes plastic surgery is still a hot topic. Many people can’t stop from searching the truth of LeAnn Rimes plastic surgery. Did LeAnn Rimes have plastic surgery? Actually, she once revealed her plastic surgery via her Twitter. But, she didn’t tell her fans specific procedures. She just told that she had minor plastic surgery.

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery

LeAnn Rimes Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

But from a few quotes of her tweet, LeAnn Rimes has had work done on her face, especially on her jaw. Jaw surgery is one of plastic surgery procedures she possibly underwent. This surgery has reshaped her jawline.

Even without her confession, the result of jaw surgery is quite obvious. LeAnn Rimes Before and After plastic surgery pictures show it. Young LeAnn Rimes had much wider jaw. She looked chubbier with big jaw on her. LeAnn Rimes seemed to have realised that her jawline was not too interesting.

Jaw surgery came to solve her problem. And as she implicitly told us, she got minor jaw surgery. She took jaw reduction. Plastic surgeon finished this surgery well. LeAnn Rimes looks better with smaller jawline. Although it’s minor surgery, but the result of it affects her face look significantly.

Among procedures she has, Botox is also possible one. As many people guess, this botox is the cause of her unnatural impression. The good news is her doctor doesn’t seem inject it too much. However, she doesn’t really need Botox at now. She is 33 years old. She can live without plastic surgery.

LeAnn Rimes Boob Job

LeAnn Rimes Boob Job Before and After Picture

Boob job is another procedure accused to LeAnn Rimes. This unconfirmed plastic surgery is said done by Rimes. It’s because her boobs appear differently compared to hers in few years earlier.

Like actress Susan Lucci and Diane Lane, LeAnn Rimes may also have breast implants. It makes Rimes’ breasts bigger and rounder. Her Before-After picture captures notable difference. However, we agree that she is sexier with her big boobs, don’t we?


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