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Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery: Nose Job, Facelift

Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery

Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Lesley Visser is undoubtedly a professional, experienced sportscaster. She has been in the industry since 1970s. Well, Visser maybe a good sport-related presenter, but she is not that good at plastic surgery. Lesley Visser plastic surgery is reason behind her unusual face appearance.

You might have known that some other famous presenters also have plastic surgery to enhance their face. But as we know, many of them took it for aesthetic reason. That reason is main difference with Lesley Visser plastic surgery. Lesley Visser took plastic surgery for medical reason.

It is known that she has broken her hip and some face features when she got an accident while she was jogging. The accident happened in 1993. It sounds an old story, isn’t it? But no for some people.

Beside her artificial hip replacement in 2006 that made news related to surgeon handling, plastic surgery on her face is still grabbing attention. When Lesley first took plastic surgery, nose job was the first known procedure she underwent. Following her Rhinoplasty there are at least two other procedures performed; facelift and Botox injection.

Lesley Visser’s before and after plastic surgery picture draw dramatic nose change. Unfortunately, nose surgery couldn’t bring back her old nose. We can see traces of surgeon’s knife on her nose easily. Things just seem worse when her nose shape looks unnatural. However, we can accept this since it all started from an accident.

Significant change is also on her face skin. Lesley was naturally beautiful when she was young. And compared to her today, Visser looks far unnatural. She shows tight and stiff face.

Lesley Visser Facelift

Lesley Visser Facelift, Nose Job, Botox Photo

However, unlike the nose job, the facelift and botox seem more than just for health reason. Lesley is 62 years old. She needs beauty enhancement to make her face younger or at least better than other 60s women.

Considering her stiff skin, we can say that her surgeon has performed the facelift too far. Overdone facelift changes her eyes. Her brow also looks higher due to her tight face skin.

Luckily, botox has been injected wisely. Perhaps Botox is the only procedure that is done in proper way. It erases aging signs such as wrinkles, frown and crow’s feet effectively. Lesley Visser plastic surgery has been her way to support her appearance in front of camera. Do you think it helps on her?

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